Reduce Video Ad Complaints

Limeproxies Reduces Video Ad Complaints by 90%


Self Serve Platform for Advertisers with Limeproxies and Reduces Video Ad Complaints by 90%

Self Serve Platform for Advertisers with Limeproxies and Reduces Video Ad Complaints by 90%


A self-serve platform for advertisers to reach their target audience with precision and ease. They are connected to 30+ ad exchanges and supply sources to ensure limitless traffic. Through their granular filters, advertisers have the power to reach their exact target by geo-location (country/city), vertical, ad position, time on site, demographic, and more


They were working with a couple of legacy providers in the industry and was unhappy with the results. The services they provided were not sufficiently successful at preventing malware or poor ad quality to their supply. Since they enabled advertisers to input and run rotating tags on a self-serve basis, neither them nor their partners have control or visibility of the campaigns. With the providers they were using, they were still receiving many complaints from publishers and end users about malicious activity or ads of low quality, especially with video ads. They sought a comprehensive, reliable solution that would ensure brand safety and high quality ads, so they turned to Limeproxies.


With Limeproxies, they are protected against malicious and problematic ad campaigns in video, mobile and display. their most pervasive issues, landing page errors and video ads with sound autoplay, are stopped in their tracks, and as a result, the number of complaints they receive has been drastically reduced. They now delivers high ad quality, even for their video ads. Limeproxies provides comprehensive video ad scanning better than any other vendor in the market, monitoring video ads for malware, in-banner ads, autoplay sound and non-compliance in maximum video length, VAST/VPAID loading time, supported media files, video frame rate, and more. Campaigns in breach of company policy are quickly detected and Limeproxies delivers actionable information to them – including target, impact, source, and a live capture of the ad – to shut down the campaign swiftly. With Limeproxies, they monitors and manages their ad inventory with ease and assurance


Since utilizing Limeproxies malware and ad quality management tool, they have reduced the number of complaints from SSP partners by 90%. They have instituted a new policy stating that if Limeproxies finds malware or other malicious activity, the partner at fault will be enalized. This is why they recommend that their advertisers and demand partners use Limeproxies as well. Working with Limeproxies has helped them to improve their reputation and gain more trust among their supply partners and publishers.

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