Limeproxies vs AWMPROXY

When looking for the tight datacenter proxy, you need to make sure that you choose the right one by doing some tests. This way, you’re sure that the proxy service works for you and is perfect for your needs. Unlike Limeproxies though, most proxy providers don’t offer a free trial so as an initiative, we came up with this comprehensive comparison between Limeproxies and AWMPROXY.

You will know the difference between the two providers in one glance by looking at the table below:

Limeproxies AWMPROXY
Virgin Proxies Yes No
Dedicated IPs Yes (with all the plans) No
Static IPs Yes No
Speed 1 Gbps 1 Gbps
Authentication Method Username and IP based IP based
API Yes Yes
Any time Instant IP refresh Yes Yes
IP Whitelisting Yes Yes
Renewal Yes Yes
Authentication Update Yes Yes
24/7 Live Chat Support Yes No
Ticket Support Yes Yes
Phone Support Yes No
Dedicated Account Manager Yes No

You can see from this side by side comparison that Limeproxies is quite ahead of CloudProxies in five important aspects. Furthermore, here are some of the unique features that give Limeproxies an edge over other proxy providers.

Virgin Proxies

Virgin proxies are simply proxies that have never been used before. Why do we consider this feature as bragging rights? Everyone knows that there are proxy users who have ill intentions and if you use proxies that have been used for questionable transactions, then you will face IP blocking at the very least.

With virgin proxies, you will be their first users so this removes the issue stated above. Using this kind of proxies is more secure and it allows you to do your activities without fear that the IP has been blocked on some websites already.

Next, we have is a Dedicated IP. So why dedicated IP you must be thinking, right? Shared proxies are simultaneously used by multiple clients. Dedicated proxies are only accessible by you, while you maintain your subscription. There are few other reasons to decide why dedicated IPs should be prioritized to use instead of shared ones.

Control over the Proxy:

As you are the only using the particular IP/proxy, you have the command over the proxy to use it and how it works. This provides better security for your usage and also provides better protection again the IP being blocked. Using the same IP by other users for the unlawful purpose will also put the IP under

Speed of the Proxy: It is important to consider the speed of the proxies as it can lag us behind in the business and also take us well ahead of our competitors. IPs being shared means others are also using the same IP and speed of the proxy is also shared. This can also result in a very low output response. With the dedicated IP from a dependable provider, it is guaranteed that you will get the speed you are promised with and the server load is always under control.

Static IPs

Static IPs are quite useful when you manage social media accounts. You can always one same IP for one or two accounts. This can avoid suspicion of the account.

24/7 Technical Support

You can reach out to our technical support team anytime through call, ticket, or chat. Our highly-skilled tech support staff can respond to your chat messages in less than a minute, while they will look into your filed tickets within 10 minutes. We know that time is a precious commodity and we value it as much as you do!

Dedicated Account Manager

We also assign a dedicated account manager to each customer, apart from the 24/7 customer support. If you have queries that you are not comfortable sharing with tech support, you can talk to the account manager assigned to you.


These are just some key and unique features that make Limeproxies stand out from among other proxy service providers. These aren’t merely words too since you can test the service for free and see for yourself! To top it off, these features are offered at a very budget-friendly price of 75 cents for each private proxy and $1.50 for each premium proxies.

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