Limeproxies vs DreamProxies

You might be overwhelmed with the large number of search results when you key in “datacenter proxy providers” in any search engine. And it doesn’t help that every single one of them is claiming to be the best! Here at Limeproxies, we say we’re the best but we support this statement with evidence.

The table below is Exhibit A and it shows the glaring differences between Limeproxies and DreamProxies.

Limeproxies DreamProxies
Virgin Proxies Yes No
Dedicated IPs Yes (with all the plans) No
Speed 1 Gbps 1 Gbps
Locations 22+ Countries US and EU
Authentication Method Username and IP based IP based
API Yes Yes
Proxy Setup Instant 12 hours
Refund Policy 3 days 24 hours
Free Trial Yes No
Payment Methods Card, Bank transfer, PayPal and Bitcoin PayPal
IP Whitelisting 10 IPs (default) 1 IP
Renewal Yes Yes
Authentication Update Yes Yes
24/7 Live Chat Support Yes No
Ticket Support Yes Yes
Phone Support Yes No
Dedicated Account Manager Yes No

Limeproxies simply excels over DreamProxies in almost all key features. When you look at the types of proxies available, the supported protocols, and even the customer support channels, Limeproxies is definitely ahead of the game.

Virgin Proxies

When you use virgin proxies, you are assured that these proxies have never been used before. This is crucial especially when you use proxies in data intensive operations such as competitive price monitoring and web scraping. You need to make sure that the proxies you are using are not blacklisted in any of your target sites so you can get accurate data.

Dedicated IPs

Limeproxies also offer dedicated IP addresses which means you don’t have to share them with other clients. This gives you sole and complete control over the IP address. There’s also no threat of sharing it with users who are engaged in illegal or unethical online activities. With shared proxies, you sometimes face the challenge of suddenly getting blocked because of another user’s actions.

Dedicated IPs also allow you to enjoy faster speed since you won’t be sharing the bandwidth with other users.


HTTP and HTTPS protocols are the most common protocols and they work only on websites that support HTTP and HTTPS. However, there are already websites that use other protocols, and a proxy providers with SOCKS allows you to access any site, regardless of the protocol they support.

Username and IP based Authentication

Limeproxies provide both username and IP based authentication which is useful for platforms that are mostly server-based. With this feature, you have the flexibility to switch between the two types of authentication.

Proxy Setup

When you buy our proxies, they are instantly installed with very few steps. You don’t need to spend hours just to set them up.

Free Trial and Money-Back Guarantee

We are offering a free trial of our proxy service for two days at no cost. There’s also no restrictions during this period, so you can test all you want.

Aside from the free trial, you can also get your money back if in case you aren’t satisfied with our service. We have a three-day money-back guarantee to start with, so your money is safe with us.

Proxies from Different Locations

Most proxy users sign up with different providers just so they can access different locations. With Limeproxies, there is no need to do that since we have proxy servers from several parts of the world. See our list of locations here.

24/7 Technical Support

Our technical support team is made up of dedicated and knowledgeable individuals who are willing to help you anytime. You can reach them through chat, call, or ticket 24/7, and be assured of fast response times.

Dedicated Account Manager

We take your comfort seriously, so we assign a dedicated account manager to each of our clients. The job of the account manager is to simply be there for the client when they encounter issues related to Limeproxies service.

Anytime IP Refresh

When, for some reason, your proxies get blocked by a website or platform, you don’t have to fret. Limeproxies gives clients one chance to get new proxies. All you have to do is contact our customer support department and send a request.


Limeproxies is a premium proxy provider but unlike other providers that have expensive pricing plans, Limeproxies offer all these features at 75 cents for each private proxy and $1.50 for each premium proxies. This is very affordable and definitely a steal, given all the unmatched features listed above.

You get to enjoy virgin proxies, dedicated proxies, Anytime IP refresh, money-back guarantee, a dedicated account manager, SOCKS, proxy servers in multiple countries, and multiple authentication methods at a very low price.

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