Limeproxies vs Proxify

Are you using automation tools to aid your marketing strategy, pricing strategy, and your overall business strategy? If so, you certainly need datacenter proxies to make your processes a lot more effective.

However, selecting the right provider of datacenter proxies is not an easy task as you need to make sure that the proxy service you choose have the following characteristics:

  • Fast speed
  • Reliable technical support team
  • Premium IPs
  • Compatible with your existing business tools

To find out, you or another member of your team will need to do a lot of research, comparing different providers. Once you get a list of proxy providers that you think are a match with your company, you will also need to test them.

The last part — testing the proxy service — is easy with Limeproxies since we offer a two-day free trial.

To make it easier for you to choose, we further made the following side by side comparison between Limeproxies and Proxify:

Limeproxies Proxify
Virgin Proxies Yes No
Dedicated IPs Yes No
Speed 1 Gbps 1 Gbps
Authentication Method Username and IP based IP based
Free Trial Yes No
API Yes Yes
IP Whitelisting Yes Yes
Renewal Yes Yes
Authentication Update Yes Yes
24/7 Live Chat Support Yes No
Ticket Support Yes Yes
Phone Support Yes No
Dedicated Account Manager Yes No

In one glance, you can see how Limeproxies stand out over Proxify. Sure, the other proxy provider also offers proxies, but without the other flavors that Limeproxies have. These additional offerings aren’t just frills too since they are very crucial in doing business activities.

Let us take a look at what Limeproxies has to offer:

Virgin Proxies

Why are virgin proxies necessary for your business? You can actually use automation tools and perform business processes using the regular type of proxies, but virgin proxies can give you an added level of security.

These proxies have never been used before on any website or platform, so they will surely work regardless of your target sites.

Dedicated IP addresses

Performing data intensive activities in the internet require undivided bandwidth and optimum speed. And yes, rank tracking, keyword research, big data mining, and web scraping, definitely are data intensive tasks.

If you use shared proxies, you will have to share not just the IP addresses with other clients, but also the bandwidth. As a result, you won’t experience the best speeds. But when you use dedicated IP addresses which are available with Limeproxies premium plan, you will have the IP address and the bandwidth all for yourself.

There is no need to share the IP resources with anyone else, so you will have the freedom to do anything that your business requires you to do.

Two-Day Free Trial

You can test our service all you want for free since there’s a two-day trial period that we’re offering. This is the best way to know if Limeproxies is truly compatible with your business and the tools you are already using.


While Proxify proxies can only handle HTTP and HTTPS protocols, Limeproxies also handle SOCK on top of the two high-level protocols. What this means is that you can use our proxies regardless of the type of traffic or data you’re processing. They don’t have to be only HTTP or HTTPS data. SOCKS basically makes Limeproxies an all-around proxy service.

Username and IP based Authentication

Limeproxies support username and IP-based authentication so you don’t have to worry especially when you are using a social media marketing tools that is server-based. If you can’t get authenticated using the IP address, you can still gain access with the use of your username and password.

24/7 Technical Support

One of the things that set Limeproxies apart is our dedication to our clients’ comfort, convenience and time. Our technical support team is a clear manifestation of this.

We invested in their skills so they can provide you with high quality support. We also made sure that there’s enough of our support agents so they can assist you round the clock. Our customer support channels include email, phone, chat and ticketing.

Dedicated Account Manager

Aside from the 24/7 tech support team, you can also reach out to the account manager exclusively handling your account. They can handle all sorts of account-related concerns, may it be billing, login problems, setup issues, and a lot more.

Anytime IP Refresh

Accidents happen. By accidents, we mean that your proxies can get blocked by some of your target sites despite your measures against it. When you sign up with Limeproxies, you can get a new set of proxies without charge because of our one-time Anytime IP Refresh. You can request for a replacement anytime by contacting the support team.

With proxify and other providers, chances are you have to buy a new set of proxies when your proxies get blocked.


Limeproxies is definitely better than Proxify, just by looking at the side by side comparison in the table above. Once you understand how virgin proxies and dedicated proxies provide your business with more speed, flexibility, and security, you’ll decide that the right datacenter proxy provider for you is Limeproxies.

Sure, there are several proxy providers out there, but the majority of them are more suitable to individuals. We at Limeproxies, however, have developed our proxy service with businesses in mind.

Once you sign up with Limeproxies, you will enjoy proxies that are optimized for your specific needs.

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