Limeproxies vs ProxyBonanza

There are two major processes involved when selecting the right datacenter proxies for your business: Researching and testing. You can’t just decide to buy proxies from any provider without doing these two things.

Researching gives you an idea about the features and offerings of the proxy provider and compare them with others. You get to have an idea which providers are better not only in terms of features but also in terms of pricing.

Are the proxies priced reasonably? Will you end up paying for features you won’t be needing? These are some of the questions you should be asking while researching.

Luckily for you, Limeproxies can take care of these two processes. We offer a free trial period so you can test our proxy service for free, and we also have this inclusive comparison between Limeproxies and ProxyBonanza:

Limeproxies ProxyBonanza
Virgin Proxies Yes No
Dedicated IPs Yes Yes
Speed 1 Gbps Speed not mentioned
Locations 22+ Countries US Only
Authentication Method Username and IP based Username and IP based
Free Trial Yes No
API Yes Yes
IP Whitelisting Yes Yes
Renewal Yes Yes
Authentication Update Yes Yes
24/7 Live Chat Support Yes No
Ticket Support Yes Yes
Phone Support Yes No
Dedicated Account Manager Yes No

The table shows the advantages of Limeproxies over ProxyBonanza. While ProxyBonanza has the necessary offerings that every proxy provider should have, Limeproxies has so much more.

Virgin Proxies

Virgin proxies are proxies that have not been used before on websites and platforms, so you are basically the first user. This is significant since it reduces the risk of the proxies being blocked somewhere in the internet even before you get to use them.

For businesses, virgin proxies are particularly helpful since there are processes like web scraping and data mining that require you to access thousands of websites on the internet.

Free Trial

Since testing is a crucial part in the process of selecting a proxy provider, Limeproxies offers a two-day free trial period. During this time, you will be able to test our service all you want since there won’t be any limitations at all. That’s how confident we are of the quality of our proxy service.


SOCKS makes Limeproxies an all-purpose protocol since you will be able to process any type of traffic and data. Aside from offering HTTP and HTTPS, we also offer SOCKS to give you a lot more flexibility.

Proxies from Different Locations

ProxyBonanza only has servers in the United States, so you can only get U.S. IP addresses. This is well and good for individual users who use proxies to bypass geographic restrictions on entertainment sites.

But for businesses, you need more location options. Limeproxies have servers not only in the United States but also in Germany, United Kingdom, Australia, Japan, the Netherlands, Brazil, and a lot more countries. See the full list of countries and servers on our Network Status page.

24/7 Technical Support

For digital products, sometimes the only tangible aspect you can hold to is the people behind the provider. With Limeproxies, we make sure that you can talk to someone about any issues and concerns about the proxy service anytime of the day. Your timezone doesn’t matter because our technical support team can be reached 24/7.

Unlike ProxyBonanza’s support team which can only be reached by creating a ticket, the Limeproxies support team has multiple channels. Aside from ticket creation, you can reach out to them by email, phone, and chat.

As important as the availability of our support team is the quality. Rest assured, every support agent are equipped with proper knowledge and training so they can walk you through any technical issues.

Dedicated Account Manager

On top of the 24/7 high quality technical support, Limeproxies also assign a dedicated account manager to each of our client whose job is to handle any of your concerns. Do you have questions about billing? Are you concerned about the proxy’s compatibility with your existing business tools? Do you need help in setting up the proxies?

Whatever it is, you can reach out to your account manager and he or she will gladly assist you.

Anytime IP Refresh

The Anytime IP Refresh feature allows Limeproxies clients to request for a one-time replacement of their proxies. Why is this needed?

First of all, this feature lessens the impact of using non-virgin proxies. There may be instances when the proxies assigned to you are already blocked in some sites even before you used them. This is a normal scenario regardless of the proxy provider you choose, especially if there are no virgin proxies available.

Secondly, there are target sites that are just to strict in terms of their security measures. They will instantly block your proxies if they detect unusual activities on your end.

In these two scenarios, you won’t be able to use your proxies anymore and the only way to conduct your business tasks is to buy another set of proxies. With the Anytime IP Refresh feature, however, Limeproxies is giving you a one-time chance to get new proxies for free.


Limeproxies is better suited for companies compared to Proxybonanza, mainly because of the different countries where the servers are located, the offering of virgin proxies, and the Anytime IP Refresh feature, among others.

The availability and quality of our technical support team assure you that there will be a real person you can talk to when the need arises.

The best thing about all these is that you don’t have to rely on our word only. You can actually test our proxy service for free for two days! There will be no restrictions during these two days, so you can test all you want.

You don’t even have to spend a lot of money for the proxies too since our private proxies cost only 75 cents each, while our premium proxies cost $1.50 each. Limeproxies is definitely a sound investment for your business.

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