Limeproxies vs RotatingProxies

It takes a lot of research when it comes to choosing the right proxy server. Being knowledgeable about it means testing and researching important details of a certain provider which takes so much time and effort in the process. This is why most people prefer popular providers.

But choosing the popular ones sometimes doesn’t always guarantee that you’ll get the quality service you and your business deserve. What if you’re paying too much for only using some of the features that these proxy providers offer?

Well, good news! We are giving you a list of comparisons between Limeproxies and RotatingProxies which will surely help you in choosing the right proxy provider.

Limeproxies RotatingProxies
Virgin Proxies Yes No
Datacenter IPs Yes No
Speed 1 Gbps 1 Gbps
Locations 22+ Countries US Only
Authentication Method Username and IP based IP based
Free Trial Yes No
API Yes Yes
IP Whitelisting Yes Yes
Renewal Yes Yes
Authentication Update Yes Yes
24/7 Live Chat Support Yes No
Ticket Support Yes Yes
Phone Support Yes No
Dedicated Account Manager Yes No

It is very clear that Limeproxies is a lot better than RotatingProxies because of its features, available support channels, down to its proxy server locations. RotatingProxies only offers basic features that almost every proxy providers give, but Limeproxies goes beyond what is expected.

Virgin Proxies

Everyone wants to make their business transactions more secure, and virgin proxies help in making it possible. Virgin proxies are unused IP addresses so you don’t have to worry about accessing blocked websites and restricted platforms if you use virgin proxies. Limeproxies is among the few providers that offer virgin proxies.

Datacenter IP

If you really want to hide your identity online, having a datacenter IP is the answer. Datacenter IP lets internet users like you hide your original IP addresses. As a result, you are made anonymous in the internet world. Datacenter IPs are also much cheaper than regular residential IPs.

No Hassle Free Trial

As we have mentioned earlier, it is very important to do research and tests when trying a new proxy provider. This is why we give a two-day free trial just for you, unlike other proxy providers. Through this, you can personally experience what our proxies have to offer and you will also know if it meets your needs and standards. But with all the features that we offer, surely you’ll want it for more than just two days.


Unlike HTTP, SOCKS work on any website or platform. HTTP only works for websites with HTTP, but with SOCKS, a proxy will be able to provide all-around service. From processing any type of protocols, programs, and traffic, down to giving you additional security online, SOCKS does it all for you.

Proxies From Multiple Countries

Limeproxies servers are better since it is present in more than 22 countries, unlike RotatingProxies which only have servers in 10 countries. What this means is that Limeproxies can give you a lot of options in terms of unblocking geo locations and IP addresses. Access the full list of locations here.

Username and IP based Authentication

Some social media management tools aren’t server-based which makes username based authentication very useful. They want their servers to be more secure by not giving you the IP address. Because of this, Limeproxies provide both username and IP based authentication because we want to give our clients the benefits they rightfully deserve.

24/7 Technical Support

Because we always want all the best for your business, you can always reach out to us anytime through ticketing, email, chat and by phone. Our tech support team is always ready to give you a helping hand, 24 hours, 7 days a week, regardless of your time zone. This is what makes Limeproxies different from all the other proxy providers out there.

Dedicated Account Manager

We value your comfort so much that is why we assign a dedicated account manager for each of our clients to take care of their account-related needs. May it be billing, setup, and common simple queries, your account manager is always willing to help you with your concerns.

Anytime IP Refresh

If in case your proxies get unexpectedly blocked by some website or platform, you still don’t have to worry. Limeproxies give you this unique and useful feature called Anytime IP Refresh which lets you request a change in proxy once. Unlike other proxy providers, most of them only give you an option to buy another set of proxies. Limeproxies give customers a free chance to get another set of new proxies because we understand how important money is.


From Anytime IP Refresh, SOCKS, proxy servers in multiple countries, dedicated account manager, and virgin proxies, all of these can be yours for only 75 cents each for private proxies, or $1.50 each for premium proxies. All these unmatched features make Limeproxies on top of the competition. You will never find any proxy providers out there that offers a combination of basic, advanced, and unique features for a very affordable price.

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