The Best Dedicated Proxies for Facebook Marketing

Create, grow, and manage all your Facebook accounts with the best residential proxies in the market. Limeproxies enables you to use all your favorite automation tools and unblock Facebook anywhere, avoid red flags, and use unlimited concurrent connections.

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Simplify your Facebook marketing efforts and kickstart your social media

Limeproxies enables you to manage your Facebook accounts easily while providing you the most security for your accounts and your business. Simplify your business and get more done with less with our secure proxies.


Get more likes

With our private proxies for Facebook, you don’t need to worry about your bots and automation tools getting detected. Limeproxies lets your bots do their job as you sit back and watch your Facebook grow.


Do more with 1M IPs from 23+ countries

Manage multiple Facebook accounts and never get blocked. With Limeproxies’ wide range of IPs you can choose from private proxies in 23 different countries so you can jumpstart your Facebook marketing efforts.


Don’t take our word for it, try it before you buy it

Test our dedicated proxies for Facebook and use it for all you want for two days without any cost or commitment. Use our service and if you like it, contact us and get yourself started.


Highly anonymous and super-elite proxies

We value your privacy and we want you to be safe. Our super-elite proxy servers come with its headers disabled, which guarantees your anonymity and security so you can focus on what really matters: your business.

Limeproxies for Agencies

Our dedicated proxies can help you manage all your clients’ Facebook accounts without the fear of getting suspended, blocked, or shadow-banned. With our high-performance, elite proxies you can enhance your Facebook marketing efforts.

Limeproxies dedicated proxies can help you:

  • Create and manage multiple Facebook accounts anonymously

  • Grow your client base and improve your campaign results

  • Access our reliable, 24/7 technical support team

For Influencers and Digital Marketers

With the help of Limeproxies’ automated proxies, you can grow your influence, promote your brand, and attract more clients.

Easy to manage, high-performance proxies

  • Gather relevant marketing data from thousands of online sources

  • Leverage countless tools to grow your influence

  • Promote any brand at scale with confidence

  • No tech required to use our proxies

  • Easy to manage

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Customer Support

We provide premium support through our innovative Campfire Support system that sets us apart from other providers.


Global Subnets

We provide Proxies from multi mixed subnets from nationwide locations. We have more than 1000 subnets.


1 GBPS Speed

Unmatched blistering speed of 1000 Mbps/sec. Works Great for high performance, multithreaded softwares.


50+ Locations

Choice of several international and US geo locations, with high speed and 24/7 support 365 days a year.

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