The Best Dedicated Proxies for Instagram Marketing

Manage your content, gain new followers, and access Instagram using the world’s largest, most secure and most reliable proxy network

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Instagram marketing made easier and more secure

Limeproxies lets you manage Instagram accounts easily, while also providing utmost security for your accounts and for your business.


Increase your followers instantly

With our proxies for Instagram, you don’t need to worry about bots getting detected. Limeproxies lets your bots do their job as you sit back and watch your followers grow.


1 Million IPs from 23+ countries

Manage multiple Instagram accounts without getting in trouble. With a wide range of IPs to choose from, you can go all out with your Instagram marketing.


Try before you buy. 100% Risk free!

Test our proxies for Instagram all you want for two days, without any cost or commitment. Contact us now to avail of this free trial.


Highly anonymous and super elite proxies

Your identity is safe with us because we built our proxies with headers disabled, making them super elite. We guarantee your anonymity and security so you can focus on growing your business.

Limeproxies for Agencies

You can now manage all your clients’ social media accounts without the fear of getting suspended or shadow-banned. With our high performance, super elite proxies you can perform key marketing tasks smoothly.

Limeproxies super elite proxies can

  • Easily create and manage multiple accounts all while remaining anonymous.

  • Increase social media engagement for your clients without looking suspicious.

  • Grow your client base by showing remarkable, performance-driven results.

  • Have access to our reliable and responsive 24/7 technical support team and multiple support channels.

For Influencers and Digital Marketers

Grow your influence. Promote any brand. Attract more clients. Limeproxies makes all these possible for you because of our secure and fully-automated proxies.

Easy to manage, high performance proxies

  • Utilizing only the relevant data required to grow your influence

  • You don’t have to be a tech expert to use our proxies. Easily manage your proxies from the automated control panel or reach out to our superb tech support team for help.

  • Gather relevant marketing data from thousands of online sources and increase your competitive advantage.

  • Promote any brand at scale with the confidence that our proxies will make every post and ad look natural and organic.

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