How to choose the best proxy for market research?

How to choose the best proxy for market research?

proxy for market research

“The market research department is increasingly perceived as being not just responsible for the organization of research, but also for sharing and distributing knowledge and expertise in a credible and convincing way.” – Christoph Palmer

How can a brand like yours be able to cater to the prospect's needs?

How can a brand like yours be able to identify exactly what the market wants?

If you want to sell better to your prospects and always stay ahead of the game in your industry, having knowledge about the market matters. A good market research can fetch you with great plus points which will enhance the way your selling route is.

Market research is necessary and when conducted regularly it yields a high benefit to the brand. But with data being so scarce to even get a view at, how can a band like yours, get the data required to grow on healthier business growth?

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Why market research matter?

Market research matters because it is the medium where a brand can understand what the market demands. The market keeps fluctuating and with each change, the tastes in the prospects differ too.

Hence with regular market researches a brand can easily:

  • Stay up to date with the latest trends
  • Understand what solutions are trending in the market
  • Understand what changes and improvisations needs to be made
  • What the prospects are expecting from the new change?

But as mentioned earlier, to conduct market research is invalid without the right data in hand. The online world is a medium where data can be retrieved, but not all that data is relevant, which means that for you to conduct efficient market research, the need for quality data matters.

Technology keeps fluctuating and with the change in the time it also introduces unique solutions which is suitable for the modern businesses of today. One such solution it has introduced are proxy servers.

What are proxy servers?

Proxy servers are a medium that stands between a user and the information it wants to access. For instance, say if you to access the market research on a regular basis, you could use a proxy server. What the proxy server will do it will allow you to access any information related to the market research without any hassles.

Say if you want to access market research information on a website that is limited to certain users, with the help of proxy servers you could easily access the information from that website without having any fear of being caught as a suspicious activity.

Keeping this in mind, proxy servers are a great solution for conducting efficient market research without any errors or hindrances during the process.

Types of proxies which can be practiced in market research


1. Static proxies

If a user aims to have access to the internet via a specific computer or device, static proxies ensure it takes place. These proxies are supported with the help of the Internet Service provider (ISP). In case of the device chosen fails to perform static proxies duties, the proxy would then be disabled, the device name you selected will be eliminated and the user will receive an error message which will be understood that the static proxies requirements didn’t cater to the set factors. Market research activities can be set accordingly since the device to implement the action can be conducted from a specific one.


  • More reliable
  • Quicker in its action


  • To set up static proxies can be a hassle
  • If all the requirements are not met in static proxies, the proxies will not function

2. Rotating proxies

As the name suggests it rotates the IP address. So when your request for access, the IP addresses get changes every time. This is fruitful while conducting market research as it can be easily retrieved without the fear of being spotted by website owners.


  • No shortage of IP addresses
  • Speed is faster


  • If rotating proxies are used for free, the security can be tampered with and the traffic and the speed of the process will slow down
  • Too many IP’s can carry a small risk of the process getting stuck or being caught in the act

3. Data Center proxies

Data center proxies are widely used to serve the purpose of brand protection conducting market research, travel aggregations, SEO monitoring and much more. Data center proxies work as a regular proxy, they hide the IP address so that your anonymity is hidden while surfing the internet. What makes them stand out is that they don’t require the need for an ISP (Internet service provider) or an internet connection. When you request to view a website instead of your information, data center proxies will send theirs.


  • Cheaper in cost
  • Provides faster speed in its action


  • Doesn’t hold a reliable position when it comes to securing anonymity

4. Residential proxies

Aims to retrieve data without the fear of being blocked when conducting online data retrieval activities. Information on market research can be retrieved without having the fear of your IP address being subjected to high risk. Residential proxies have IP addresses attached to a physical location. The IP address is provided to users from the ISP itself. When you access information from any location, your ISP will give you an IP address.


  • It is a brilliant measure for data harvesting
  • Offers high anonymity


  • Only if the residential proxies are of good quality will the chances of not getting blocked while conducting online activities will stand secure. So a risk will always be there.

5. Web Scraping

Web scraping is the process of extracting information online through the method of scraping. Say you want to scrape through the information related to the current market you can conduct this action without any hassle. With web scraping all you need to do is click on the website to scrape, conduct the process and the data gets saved in your system. The data can be saved in any format for instance in a CSV file, Excel, JSON and much more. Web scraping, however, is more efficient when it is conducted with the help of any proxy servers. While the scraping happens, proxy servers ensure that


  • Eliminates the manual work of copy-pasting information into the system
  • Retrieves data quicker


  • Regular scraping can cause the IP to be blocked
  • With the rise in technology, websites are incorporating advanced methods making it difficult to scrape the information.

6. Real-time crawler

Search any sorts of information you want from search engines and e-commerce websites with the help of a real-time crawler. When you send a request to the real-time crawler, it collects all the information required according to your request. Once the information is collected it sends you back the information in a format of an HTML or JSON. For instance, market research data from relevant websites can be collected to help brands enhance their solutions much better. All the action taking place is conducted on the same connection being implemented which gives you real-time web scraping solutions.


  • With a large IP choice and an exceptional IP backup option, the real-time crawler can deliver a 100% success rate in its data retrieval activities.
  • It is a user-friendly application that just requires a URL to get started


Requires constant modifications due to frequent website changes concerning its design or structural form.

7. Premium proxies

Premium proxies are great to retrieve information online because it offers a dedicated proxy for a user. With premium proxies, any brand can conduct online activities without the fear of being blocked or their IP addresses being caught as suspicious. Premium proxies offer great speed and have a lot of advantages added to it for instance information can be viewed from any geo locations available, multiple IP addresses are provided, the data and bandwidth speed is great, ads can be conducted with a dedicated IP address and much more.


  • Speed will never be tapered since the IP addresses provided are dedicated to the users
  • The servers are maintained from trusted brands which assure no crash or shutdown errors.


  • Proxies have a cache system which saves the information. This can cause security issues as anyone can view it.


Proxy servers are a great solution as you have witnessed above to conduct efficient processes that can add value to your business. Proxy servers as mentioned above are multiple in choices and so it is necessary to find the right one according to your market research activities.

With proxy servers, a brand like yours can easily retrieve valuable information and apply those insights into the creation of valuable solutions that will appeal to your target audience. When you are investing in a proxy server ensure that it is a paid proxy server, has the better speed to conduct your regular market research activities and also has a good number of IP addresses to safeguard your proxy actions online.

Was the article helpful for you? Which proxy according to you would be ideal for you?

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