Using proxies for SEO: why and how?

Using proxies for SEO: why and how?

Using proxies for SEO: why and how?

In this era of growing competition among businesses, everyone wants to increase their market share, especially in this covid era, where E-commerce has boomed due to strict lockdowns. Online businesses have gained significantly, and the competition has increased ever since. Every business owner wants their website to rank higher on Google's search page to increase their visitors to buyers conversion ratio. But how is it possible, though? The answer to these several questions is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - SEO involves steps that increase the organic traffic to your website by improving the quality of content, optimizing your websites, and various factors to get higher ranked by the google algorithm. By doing so, they can rank up higher on the google search page. This will increase the number of visitors to your site, increasing the chances of your products' conversion rates.

SEO is becoming increasingly competitive due to businesses adopting an aggressive approach to stay on the top of the line to grab the maximum share of the market. However, if not done right, this could be a waste of cost and might even be thrown into the spam section if the google algorithm detects that a website is trying unethical ways to gain more audience than it should. Therefore one must be very careful while optimizing their website for the best results. There are different techniques for optimizing your website for search engines. SEO Proxy is one of the key techniques used for better ranking, discussed in detail below.

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What is an SEO proxy?

Suppose you're doing keyword research or a competitor analysis, or a ranking analysis. In that case, you'll most likely be bombarding the web collecting data (web scraping) for your analysis which means you will most likely be blocked by websites you're hunting on. To counter this problem, Search engine optimization can be used as a shield between your server and the Internet, hiding your original IP address to maintain your privacy as the Internet is a dangerous place to be vulnerable. This gives you several benefits, including:

  • Privacy: Your unique IP will be kept safe from the outside world of the Internet. This way, you can continue with your search without the risk of getting caught by your competitors. Their websites can be spied on to learn their sneaky tips and tactics, which can be used on your website for a better ranking. 
  • Speed The SEO Proxy will prevent you from getting blocked from websites when you're scraping through them to collect data without compromising on the speed. 
  • Targeted Campaigns: Proxies can also be used to target a specific marketplace by using a geo-based IP; other marketplaces can be analyzed without the need of being there physically, making it easier to target new markets for your next business launch. 
  • Useful Backlinks: The google algorithm is very smart and can detect spam from similar IPs. However, using a proxy, you'll be allotted a unique IP every time for creating a backlink. This way, crawlers will not detect your content from one source, thus making it difficult to block.
  • Tracking Results: A great way to trace your results is to use SEO Proxy. This can be used to track your work and your competitors by comparing your keywords with their database. This can also give you an idea of how well you're doing in particular locations.

Types of proxies for SEO scraping

Different types of Proxies are available for scraping, depending on the size of your scraping along with the budget available. Some of the options are listed below that can help you while choosing a suitable proxy for scraping. 

Residential Proxies: Residential proxies permit you to choose your location intentionally, a specific country, city, or town, to be precise. This will be helpful if you want to target a specific area of a country as your marketplace. 

Datacenter Proxies: They are not directly connected to the Internet Service Provider (ISP). Instead, they are allotted by a second corporation and provide you with a private IP address that is cloud-based and used by many users at once. This is a useful way of scraping as this is much faster than the traditional residential proxies because it doesn't rely on the ISP for speed. However, the drawback of using such IP is that Google is quick to react and bans such IP, especially when scraping famously known websites, i.e. Upwork, Google, etc.

Shared proxies: They are considered as the cheapest proxies of all and the slowest one, too, as this involves proxy being shared by multiple users, which makes it useful for small-scale scraping. 

Semi-dedicated proxies: These proxies lie in between private and shared proxies and are limited to only three users, which can affect the proxy's speed. This would be suitable for small to medium-sized scraping.

How to scrape for better SEO?

To scrape efficiently, you need to have a good technique and some luck to please Google's algorithm. Here's a list below to help you with some of the useful techniques for scrapping to improve your keyword rankings. 

Looking for the keywords

Try to look for the keywords that your competitors frequently use by scraping organic searches. You can search multiple top-ranked competitors to look out for those keywords, and by closely observing, you can identify those words which are highly ranked by Google's algorithm. You can use them in your articles, blogs, and guides to divert their traffic to yours and increase traffic.

Using tools to Identify shortcomings & Improvise.

As technology advances, we have a lot more to work with than before with traditional methods. Tools are available to outline your shortcomings, provide in-depth details of your competitors, and suggest key improvements. For example, Semrush is an all-in-one tool that provides you with an overview of your website, how much organic traffic is generated, and what proportion of your traffic is being made through paid ads. These comparisons can also be made with your competitors to assess their market share of the organic audience.

Semrush User and Revenue Statistics for 2021

Furthermore, SEMrush also helps you with keyword research tools, showing the popularity of each keyword which makes your keyword choice easier. Semrush can also help you backlink with the help of its backlink tool, which helps you create hyperlinks that indirectly generate traffic to your website. For example, you can add a backlink to a product you sell in one of your popular articles. This will generate organic traffic through your backlink, leading to possible conversions. This is just a short description of what an amazing tool like SEMrush can do for you. There are plenty of other tools available that can help you rank higher. Examples include Ahref, Moz Pro, SpyFu, etc. 

Finding a well-known influencer to partner with you

In this era of Influencers having a great impact on the trends of the public, they're a great way to increase traffic to your website. For this, you should find a list of influencers you think is the best for the job. With this list, you need to do a little bit of analysis to assess the percentage of organic traffic that influencers generate, and does the average audience age match your product type?.

Luckily this can be done through online free websites, which allow you to freely test several influencers. Once you have chosen the influencer depending on your product type, you can ask them for a paid post that explicitly mentions your brand name and, if possible, includes a backlink to your main website. Or you can also partner up with an influencer, who will be writing blogs, articles, or posting Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat stories for your promotion in return for a mutually agreed compensation.

This may work very well if your selection of influencers is in line with your target audience and product. To increase traffic on your website, you can link your website as a backlink to other Similar websites. For this, you need to have strong networking skills with other websites, and at times they would ask for the back favor. To backlink on other websites, you just need to write an interactive article, ensuring the customers have a good read-through. All you have to do is link something really important they need to have looked through to ensure they're reading a complete story. Doing this will give you traffic as well as the website you are linking through. 

Review of Past Performance 

A simple yet effective way is to have a look at your past performance. This will give you a good idea of what content is most popular in your niche, and this will give you a rough estimation of the type of content failing to give you the intended results. With this information, you can create more content liked by the users and improvise your existing content that's not generating the intended audience. 

Addition of more information about the product 

To increase your visibility, you can add extra information regarding your product that might or might not be related to your product directly—this way, whenever a user searches for relevant products. There's a good chance that they might end up landing on your page, thanks to that extra information you wrote with your product.

How to use proxies for SEO scraping

Submission of large requests in a small amount of time is not favorable for a website, which could lead to a potential block from the website for spam. Below are some reasons you should opt for using proxies for scraping. These are also somewhat covered in the advantages of SEO Proxy, however here they are explained from a different perspective. 

To avoid ban 

Manual research for the keywords can be interrupted with impositions by the algorithm in place by google. To avoid this, you'll have to use proxies to avoid getting banned. With this, you can scrape keywords without any fear of getting blocked. 


As proxies keep your identity and IP address unrevealed, using this advantage of proxy to your favor, you can spy on their content without getting caught. Implementing your competitors' techniques to rank better and learning from their mistakes can give you a competitive edge to increase your organic traffic. 

Network speed at both of the terminals 

Let's be honest; none of us wants to browse a slow website, even if the User Interference is good. Google recognizes this, and that's why Google algorithm wouldn't rank a slow website higher because it just doesn't deserve to be up there. That's where the proxy will help us to fasten your website speed by creating "cache proxies," which store data whenever you visit a website for the first time. When you visit the website again, that "cache" will be loaded, giving you a better website experience. 

No more location restricted 

Google will provide you results based on your location, which means you can enter any market across the globe while sitting home with the help of a proxy.

How to Find the Best SEO Proxy Service?

Since you've become an expert in search proxies, I'd like to talk about how to choose the best SEO proxy for your purposes. If you choose to get a proxy from an SEO proxy provider, make sure you do your homework and investigate the company first. Private proxies are pre-installed on some workplace computers. If your company does not have this function, hiring an expert is your best bet. Manually adjusting your computer's settings or entering the data into a web browser will take more effort and knowledge. If done incorrectly, the connection can compromise the security of your data and browsing history.

One thing to check is if your proxy service provides proxies from many C classes for SEO. In a nutshell, a C-class is the third set of integers in an IP address. When it comes to proxy IP addresses, the subnet proxy for SEO you choose should provide a lot of variety, which will help you take advantage of SEO scraping.

Unreliable proxy servers might quickly sabotage your company's success. As a result, it is critical to thoroughly examine any proxy you want to purchase online. Always keep in mind that the lowest price does not always imply the most dependable proxy. If an SEO proxy appears to be too good to be true, it almost certainly is.

When buying proxies online, there are a few basic traits to look for. HTTP, HTTP(S), and SOCKS should all be explicitly supported by the service. Because, as previously said, geographic location affects search engine rankings, you should choose a company that provides a diverse array of proxy server locations.

Finally, be certain that your proxy service continues to support your company. Proxies are simple to use, but you should ensure that they can answer any concerns you have about maintaining your proxy and ensuring that it works with the web scraper you've chosen. Look for a company with a customer support team that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to answer any questions or address any concerns you may have.

With so many moving pieces, you'll need to choose a dependable proxy supplier who can answer all of your inquiries and consider the needs of high-volume data. Look no further than Blazing SEO for the most reliable SEO proxies at the most affordable prices. We offer all of the services described above and more at a very affordable cost compared to the benefits of using SEO proxies for your business.

What are the Six ways to use proxy SEO?

To make your website appear at the top, you must practice web scraping. Web Scraping is the essential part of the SEO examination in large -campaigns. However, performing this task without any shield may result in your IP address getting blocked and will be incorporated with the block list. But how can we perform Web Scraping anonymously? It is made possible by the use of proxy SEO.

With the use of proxy SEO, you can collect your competitor's information without getting exposed. It can help you achieve a better place at SERP as you know your competitor's plan and your approach to combat it. It will permit you to access their keywords and backlinks, which will assist them in gathering plenty of audiences.

Rank tracking can also be done, but risks are elevated when performing it from your IP address. Meta description, whose prime function is to gather an audience to a website from SERP, with SEO proxy meta description, can be extricated from a search engine scrape and guess what? All of these tasks can be done without getting interrupted with speed and are free of errors.

Results of search engines vary from territory to territory and are affected by your location. Although this restriction can be lifted with SEO proxy, giving you access to results that would appear on some other search engine from a different country. For instance, you are surfing for something on your browser, and the other person in some other country is also surfing the same thing, but the results shown on both the browsers will be different due to different locations. This can be useful in targeting other markets' SEO, generating localized content, and optimal for specific markets.

Speed of page loading is another factor that influences your rating. SEO proxy creates a cache and stores the information of the previous visit. Therefore, when the same website is opened again, the page loading time is greatly reduced as proxy has reduced the distance between end-user and content. Hence, the content is downloaded from the proxy cache instead of the end server. All of this will help remove all these limitations—reduction in network traffic, improvement in end-user responsiveness, and decreased network suspension due to geography.

Access and management of multiple social accounts are restricted as social media sites log the IP to ensure that robotics activities are not performed. However, with the use of a proxy server, several accounts can be managed simultaneously.

With SEO proxy, you can get the opportunity to find backlinks and social media profiles. You can link your website with other authoritative websites to get more clicks to your website, which is a necessity of SEO.

SEO proxies - Free or Paid?

Proxies are the way to avoid getting blocked when scraping other websites. But do you know which proxy is the best fit for you?TO help you solve this riddle, I have compiled some information. 

Free proxy 

Anyone can use free proxies as they are available to a wide range of people. They perform the same task of making your identity invisible when surfing. These are lifesavers for those new to this business and have a low budget to spend on such tools. For startups, it is a great option, and however, everything has its pros and cons. Similarly, free proxies are risky to use because it is serving a large number of people. 

Paid proxy 

Everyone expects to get something unique when they pay for something. Paid proxies are much more trustworthy and are less risky to use. Not all people spend money buying tools. Due to this reason, they serve the lesser user and are safer. It can deviate from your opinion. However, The final decision is in your hands. Think about the aspects of both proxies and decide which one you need for your business.

Why are proxies important for SEO?

It's essential, to begin with, a thorough understanding of proxies. The most basic definition of a proxy is a connection point between you and remote servers. The proxy is similar to an internet computer with its IP address. It acts as a filter for stuff coming into and out of your site. Proxies also provide other important functions, such as data encryption. It makes it more difficult for hackers to locate weak spots.

By restricting the quantity of traffic, proxies enhance page loading times. It does this for people who are coming in or leaving. As a result, the quantity of bandwidth you utilize is limited. Proxy servers can also be used to disguise your IP address. Some will mask or distort your IP address. This gives you anonymity and privacy while you're online. You will be able to access content that would otherwise be unavailable due to location restrictions. Proxies are useful for getting around firewalls and geo-blocking. Following are the few things which highlight the importance of proxies for SEO:

1. The Proxies and Page Loading Speeds Relationship

Any website with Slow-Loading Pages will be penalized by Google. Search engine rankings suffer as a result of your actions. It will affect your web presence. A proxy can help you load pages faster by:

  • Data caching to make requests load faster.
  • The volume of traffic is being monitored and compressed. You will be able to save bandwidth.

2. You Learn What Your Competitors Are Doing 

It is a standard business practice to keep track of what your competitors are up to. You, on the other hand, do not wish to make your activities public. You don't want to make it too obvious that you're checking them out because it's an open business secret. If it's any consolation, they're most likely doing the same thing to your website right now. The SEO proxy is the finest technique to hide any of your actions, and it protects your identity while allowing you to gather vital competitive data. The data can then be used to improve whatever it is you're doing.

3. Using Proxies to Analyze data

Data analysis is at the heart of every business choice you make. To get the greatest results, it pays to have the correct data mining techniques in place. You must stay current with information sources as the market evolves. However, due to content limitations, some may be unavailable. Data limitation based on geographic location is the most common. Bypassing such restrictions is simple with the correct proxy. You have access to content that can assist you in improving your SEO.

4. Proxies Assist With Social Media Platform Management

Social media platforms have provided a lot of opportunities. You gain access to a large audience. You can turn them into loyal consumers with the correct targeting or marketing. It may explain why businesses have multiple accounts open at the same time. These platforms are where you communicate with your current or potential customers. Distinct websites have different algorithms as a result of the vast volume of information that is being disseminated. If there is too much content coming in from a single source, it may appear spammy. Blocking your IP address is one countermeasure you can use. You can avoid this from occurring if you use a proxy. When sending out traffic, rotating proxies, for example, will use a different IP address each time. You can keep your anonymity by using different IP addresses.

5. Using Proxies to Get High-Quality Backlinks

Backlinks are one of the most powerful SEO tactics available to you. A backlink on the proper platform can help you gain more visibility. Search engines, on the other hand, are wary of too many backlinks from a single site. You can mask your location by using proxies. Every backlink will be assigned a new IP address by rotating proxies. Search engines won't be able to tell you where you're coming from. You'll be able to maintain your web presence in this manner. You can do it without risking being penalized by the search engines.

6. Using Proxies to Monitor Your Website's Performance

Whatever SEO methods you choose, you must have measurable metrics. Knowing what works and what needs to be changed is beneficial. You must track how much traffic comes to your site and what kind of material they connect with.

Proxies make it possible to manage such information privately. You can also compare yourself to other people. You will receive valuable information that will help you better your business. With web scraping proxies, you can learn what your target audiences are looking for. You can receive keyword information and gather useful information from specific websites. Because you have access to customer contacts, you can easily develop an email list. With adequate segmentation, targeting with the right messaging becomes much easier.



The growing competition among the businesses for the market share has brought up the demand for Search Engine Optimization, which has resulted in advancements in the tools used to analyze their websites and the competitor's website. However, this certainly is a double-edged sword, too much information can obstruct key information within itself. If used right, this can enhance your website rank. This will generate organic visitors, leading to an increase in sales conversion percentage.SEO Proxy plays a major role within the domain of SEO. It lets you keep an eye on the competitors' strategic moves to your advantage without having to worry about getting blocked or a breach in your privacy.

Furthermore, you can change your location to the targeted market to know your main competitors and closely monitor their websites to improve your website. However, SEO Proxy does have some potentially negative impacts too. As suggested by some IT experts, the cache system of proxies is good enough to remember your details, i.e. passwords, contacts, etc. It is also observed that your data is possibly leaked, something a business can never afford to lose. If you weigh the pros and cons of the SEO Proxy, it's more beneficial for a business. If used correctly, it can generate a good amount of traffic to the website leading to the overall profitability level of the business.

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