Guide to sneaker proxies

Guide to sneaker proxies

Guide to sneaker proxies

There have been many advancements in the online world. The use of the internet is becoming common every day. Everything is now possible on the internet, including online purchasing, earning, starting an eCommerce business, and studying tutorials, among other things. There seems to be something fresh and cool to find every day. The internet world has you covered whether you're looking for a new espresso machine or need to hire a freelancer to finish a job. Sneaker proxies are becoming increasingly prevalent as the internet grows in popularity. In today's essay, we'll cover all you need to know about sneaker proxies, including what they are, how they operate, and which ones are the best. So, let's get this party started.

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What is a Sneaker proxy?

Sneaker or shoe proxies are appropriately called, given their intended application of allowing numerous pairs of limited-edition sneakers to be purchased online.

Sneaker proxies have evolved into purchasing other limited-edition or highly sought-after items, such as concert tickets, but the name remains the same.

A sneaker proxy, in short, is a method of hosting one or more IP addresses while online.

You might be thinking why you do need to use shoe proxies in the first place. Isn't it possible to just go to the computer, look for the footwear you want, and buy them? However, it's important to remember that shoe companies and shopping sites frequently limit the number of limited-edition sneakers that a single person can purchase. Let's imagine you wanted to get your hands on a big stack of the next batch of Rolling Stones tickets to come to town so you could resell them for a profit. The only method to get more than the individual limit would be to use a sneaker proxy. That's because a sneaker proxy would hide your real IP address and allow you to buy as many tickets as you want without risking being banned or having a sale canceled.

Because websites log your IP address every time you visit their sales page, you won't be able to buy anything else once you've used up your permitted number. Sneaker proxies let you purchase many goods without exceeding your limit since they submit requests on your behalf.

Why Should You Use Sneaker Proxies?

Proxies can help you get around antibot measures, improve your online security, give you several IP addresses, and allow you to buy multiple pairs of shoes. Let's take a closer look at some of reasons why you should employ proxies with sneaker bots.

1- Assists in the scraping of websites Regularly

You cannot know the exact launch time of the sneakers, and by trying harder, you will only see the launch date. Bots assist you in staying on top of new releases and purchasing them as soon as they are available on the internet. On the other hand, bots submit hundreds of requests to the website per second to do this. Because of the volume of queries, the bot is making, the site's security system is likely to notice it. Proxies can aid in this situation. Proxies change your IP address for each request made by your bot, reducing the risk of being blacklisted.

2- Pass Anti-Bot Protection 

Bots are being used to steal sneakers, and websites are aware of this. The majority of them have even installed software to prevent bots from purchasing the limited-edition shoe. Their strategy is based on the quickness with which people buy things. Bots are, without a doubt, faster than humans. Proxy servers, on the other hand, make it simple to get around their software. Residential proxies are linked to an actual address, giving the bot the appearance of legitimacy.

3- Decreases the time it takes for a ping to arrive

If you want to buy shoes from a website in a different time zone than you, you will notice a lot of ping latency. Even if you have the world's fastest bot, you would most likely lose to your competition. Thousands of sneakerheads, many of whom utilize bots, wait for brands to release the shoe. So, the only way to outdo them and successfully copy the sneaker is to use proxies. Servers for residential proxies can be found in any major city and region. It gets you closer to the website you wish to visit, lowering ping latency and speeding up the purchasing process.

4- Assists in the purchase of multiple pairs of sneakers

Retailers limit the number of limited-edition sneakers you may buy to one since they are created in restricted quantities. The site warns you with a notice like "you are not permitted to purchase" when you complete the purchase. Because proxies regularly change your IP address, websites assume numerous people are trying to buy shoes instead of just one. This allows you to purchase multiple pairs of sneakers without risking being banned.

5- It improves your online safety

Debit and credit cards are used to purchase footwear. Hackers can be found all over the internet attempting to steal financial information from people who aren't aware of keeping their personal information safe online. Proxies operate as an intermediary between your network and the website. They use a new IP address to hide your original IP address, making it impossible for attackers to collect sensitive information.

What Are The Best Sneaker Proxies?


Footlocker has a network of sneaker sites called Footsites. Due to their large stock numbers, Footsites are particularly popular sites to cop from. They're heavily botted because they're among the most straightforward sites to hack. Especially if you plan on purchasing additional pairs, their releases last longer than other sites. 

Few reasons why they're simple to the bot are: 

  • A Footsites release typically lasts anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. Or even more. Speed isn't a consideration for Footsites launches because they take so long to sell out. Instead, you should concentrate on employing secure proxies. ISPs are among the most reliable proxies available, particularly on Footsites. 
  • Another reason Footsites are simple to bot is their ability to handle a wide range of bot duties. As a result, you can efficiently run dozens, if not hundreds, of tasks without exerting much effort. However, managing a large number of tasks consumes a lot of resources. 

Purchasing 100 ISP proxies could be costly if you run 100 jobs, especially if the release you're pursuing isn't particularly lucrative. Having roughly 25 or 50 ISP proxies and doing the remaining tasks with residents would be a more cost-effective. 

When you run resis, you can generate new proxies anytime your current ones are blacklisted. Footsites are notorious for banning proxies, especially on highly anticipated releases. If you have a residential plan, you may restart your bot job if one of your proxies is blacklisted, and the task will utilize a new proxy from your list.

On the other hand, if a proxy is prohibited, you won't be able to construct a new one with an ISP subscription. Residential proxies aren't as dependable as ISPs on Footsites, and however, they're still useful because they let you scale up your duties. 

Yeezy Supply & Adidas

Yeezy Supply and Adidas are two more sites that botters appreciate. Because Demandware is the name of the e-commerce hosting platform on which these sites are hosted, they are referred to as Demandware sites. They, like Footsites, usually have a large inventory, which means that releases can take anything from 30 minutes to an hour to sell out.

The fact that Demandware sites work with both ISPs and DCs is noteworthy. While they both work fine on Yeezy Supply and Adidas, the primary reason I prefer DC proxies to ISP plans is that DC plans are more affordable.

Resis looks great on Yeezy Supply and Adidas as well. They're helpful if you need to perform additional tasks but don't have access to any DC/ISP proxies. The fundamental issue is that residential users are subjected to more prohibitions on Demandware sites than DC/ISPs. As a result, expect your bot jobs to be restarted numerous times during a release. 

Utilizing DC/ISP proxies over residential on Demandware sites allows you to keep your tasks running during a release without worrying about data consumption. The average duration of a Yeezy Supply and Adidas release is 30 to 45 minutes. Running residentials for such a long time while juggling several activities might quickly deplete your resources. DC/ISPs, on the other hand, have unlimited data, so overconsumption isn't an issue.


Shopify is a well-known e-commerce hosting service. Many of the significant sneaker sites are housed on Shopify, which you may not be aware of if you're new to botting. 

Because Shopify hosts so many sneaker sites, mastering copping on Shopify will help you succeed as a sneaker bot. 

The bad news is that Shopify sites with bot protection are difficult to navigate, and Shopify is difficult to automate because of several variables. The reasons are: 

  • One reason is that Shopify sites' stock levels are often low. As a result, a release may sell out in a matter of seconds. It's difficult to accept, but no matter how carefully you prepare for a release, there's a good possibility you'll walk away empty-handed. That is not intended to be discouraging. On the contrary, it's supposed to encourage you to fine-tune your bot set up to succeed on Shopify. 
  • Another reason botters struggle on Shopify is a lack of knowledge about which proxies operate best on bot-protected Shopify sites. The majority of proxy plans are unlikely to work with Shopify. If you have a residential plan, your chances of getting a Shopify account are limited to none. They're not fast enough, and Shopify does an excellent job of preventing you from checking out with resis.

DCs are also prohibited on Shopify. Your proxies will very certainly be blocked or throttled. While your proxies are throttled, you're caught in a wait that only gives the appearance of a possible checkout when, in reality, you're stuck in place with no hope of getting out. Slowing your proxies is worse than having them blocked because it gives the misleading impression that you're in a Shopify queue. What's the worst part? You can only proceed once the release has ended.

\ So you just have two choices: ISPs or running without proxies. Running without proxies is the best approach to bot Shopify. Because Shopify is so good at filtering out proxies, you'll have an easier time if you don't use any. Sometimes the most basic tactics produce the best results.

Of course, running without proxies has the drawback of being unable to execute many jobs simultaneously. You risk having your local IP blocked or throttled if you run more than that. If you still want to run more than one or two tasks, the only viable solution is using ISP proxies. ISP proxies work well on Shopify.


Almost all of the sites mentioned above have a CAPTCHA system in place. You'll need to have a CAPTCHA solver open while configuring your bot for these sites. Google created the CAPTCHA system that is used by the majority of sneaker websites. So you want to make sure your solvers have high-quality proxies.

The good news is that you won't have to spend money on CAPTCHA solver proxies. Since CAPTCHA, DC proxies have typically cost roughly $1/proxy/month. You have the option of using standard DCs and ISPs for the solver, but you should save those for genuine releases.

Using resis in the CAPTCHA solver is something I don't endorse. Yes, it may work occasionally, but it can be inconvenient and cause a slew of problems with your solver.


Nike SNKRS is a sneaker brand created by Nike. Nike SNKRS releases necessitate a great deal of planning. You'll need high-quality Nike accounts, as well as the ability to harvest cookies and modify your billing profiles. To enter your accounts in the SNKRS draw effectively, you'll also need excellent proxies. 

To be honest, on SNKRS, you can't go wrong with any proxy plan. Resis works nicely, and SNKRS releases don't take up a lot of space. A 2GB household plan should keep you going for a long time. For SNKRS releases, you don't need to go out of your way to get DCs or ISPs. 

Since residential plans are quite acceptable, you should, however, use your DC and ISP proxies if you already have them! Most websites rely on ISPs, and Nike SNKRS is no exception. SNKRS releases have also been successful for DCs.

How does a sneaker proxy work?

Sneaker proxies are often HTTP proxies that have been tuned for accessing sneaker sites. They function as standard high anonymity proxies, with the primary goal of masking the proxy client's or proxy bot's IP address. These proxies are designed to help you buy sneakers from Yeezy, Adidas, Nike, Supreme, Champs Sports, Footlocker, Footaction, Eastbay, and other sneaker retailers.

Tips on how to pick the best sneaker proxies

1: Choose Residential Proxies

Residential proxies are always the greatest sneaker proxies. They have the appearance of true mobile and desktop devices, making them unlikely to be blocked or identified. Datacenter proxies, the only viable alternative to residential proxies, are ineffective. The issue is that their IP addresses lack any information about their internet service provider (ISP), and their addresses are identical.

2: Build up the top speed

Do you know why every sneakerhead is obsessed with cooking sneakers at full speed? In the blink of an eye, limited-edition sneakers sell out. Rapid bots allow you to get those sneakers faster than the competition. However, every millisecond you wait reduces your odds of getting the shoes. That's why your bots, as well as your proxies, must be lightning fast. Data Centre proxies are faster than residential proxies. 

3: Think about location-based targeting

Geo-targeting, often known as location targeting, is a feature that allows you to use just IP addresses from a specific place (i.e., city, state, or country). The finest sneaker proxies must include this feature, and it allows you to have the smallest distance between the proxy server and your destination site.

If you're cooking Nike, for example, the first thing that comes to mind is undoubtedly Nike shoe bots. However, the truth is that Nike bots are insufficient. Because bots can result in your IP address being blacklisted, you'll also require proxies. You're in luck if your proxy is located in the same city as Nike's servers. If you don't, you might come across proxy providers who provide geo-targeted proxies for popular releases. Still, they never have a large enough proxy network to cover all releases.

4: Stay away from free proxies

We would not recommend free proxies, even though the word "free" sounds appealing. Scams are common among these companies, and they acquire your information. You should do your research and choose a reputable source. Check to see if the service offers 24/7 customer assistance, just in case there are any issues down the road (and you know how essential seconds are when it comes to cooking the holy grails, so you won't have time to wait for an email response). Additionally, search user reviews, subreddits, and forums for the best sneaker proxies.

5: Make use of private proxies

Only use private sneaker server proxies with limitless bandwidth if you are serious about getting your sneakers without running into severe issues. The main reason for this is due to time constraints, and this will slow them down since many people will try to use free, open proxies. It could also mean the difference between obtaining the sneakers and not getting them at all.

What are the types of sneaker proxies?

Each website is coded differently, and each shoe store employs a unique antibot technique. There are many different types of proxies, each of which performs better or worse depending on the site. Residential, datacenter, and ISP proxies are the three major types of proxies that can be used with sneaker bots

1. Residential Proxies

IP addresses issued by an Internet Service Provider (ISP) are residential proxies (ISP). IP addresses are assigned to residential places that have a physical address, such as your home. Residential plans are popular since they allow you to build an endless number of proxies and are inexpensive. The average household data plan costs between $10 and $20 per GB. However, just because you can generate a limitless number of proxies doesn't mean you can use an unlimited amount of data. Depending on the method you choose to go with, you can buy broadband plans with different amounts of data, measured in GigaBytes.

2. Data Centers Proxies

Datacenter proxies are IP addresses generated by a third-party supplier and have no connection to an ISP. As a result, they have a better risk of being flagged by websites. DC proxies are immediately recognized and thus easily blocked because ordinary people shop while connected to a residential IP. So, why would someone use DC proxies in the first place? DC proxies have several advantages:

  • They are speedy, much faster than Resi proxies. 
  • DCs can help you get a head start on limited-edition products that sell out rapidly.
  • They can use as much data as they want until your DC plan expires.

3. ISP Proxies

ISP proxies are relatively new to the game. They've been around for a while, but only recently have they achieved popularity. ISP proxies are just as dependable as Resis and just as quick as DCs, and ISPs are Internet Service Provider-provided DCs in technical terms. The main drawback to ISP proxies is that they are fairly costly. Each IP can cost between $2 and $2.4, and a typical ISP subscription with 25 proxies will cost around $50 to $60. Make sure you have the correct proxy for your copping game when choosing proxies.

How to Choose Between Residential Sneaker Proxies and Datacenter Sneaker Proxies?

If you use proxies frequently, you're undoubtedly asking whether you should use residential or datacenter proxies. There is a simple way to look at it and a sophisticated way to look at it. Residential proxies are simply IP addresses assigned by a regular Internet Service Provider (ISP), most commonly cable or DSL, connected directly to your home. IP addresses given by a third-party company other than your own are known as datacenter proxies.

When you use residential proxies, the webserver will be able to identify your location, a map of it, and the name of your ISP provider every time you connect to the internet. Datacenter IP addresses aren't affiliated with an ISP; thus, they can't connect you to the internet. They function similarly to proxies in that they change or mask the IP address that the server sees. There are many reasons why someone might desire to utilize residential proxies. Still, anonymity is by far the most prevalent. Anyone in the world can look at your IP address and determine where you reside, the particular address of your computer, and which ISP you belong to if you use Verizon as your ISP, for example.

Assume you wish to utilize proxies to add footwear to your cart on a Nike or Adidas website. If you tried to use datacenter proxies, the website would immediately detect that unusual access is being attempted from a non-residential source. This raises an immediate red alert and may result in your account being blocked. However, if you use a residential proxy, the server will see your access as legal.

The bottom line is that residential IP proxies are generally safer than datacenter proxies. Residential proxies are a good option for folks who want to remain anonymous and undetected while shopping online at places like Nike, Adidas, and Supreme. If you need to utilize a datacenter proxy, make sure the provider you choose is reputable and provides a varied range of c-class IPs to assist you in avoiding discovery.

How Much Sneaker Proxies Cost?

It will be better if you don't go for the free proxies as they are not full of potential risks and dangers. That takes us to the question; how much do sneaker proxies cost? Well, the prices of sneaker proxies vary from location and which type of proxy you want. You can get sneaker proxies at cheap prices as well as at very high prices, as it varies from person to person. For example, Smartproxy offers three residential packages. The cheapest of them is $75/mo. The most expensive can go high according to your requirements. Bright data offers 40 GB at the price of $500, and the Shifter offers $124.99 with ten basic proxies. In the end, the money shouldn't matter as it's far better to have a paid sneaker proxy with more incredible speed and reliability rather than a free one from which your bank account details, credit card information, and identity can be stolen.



Sneaker proxies are a useful way to hide your IP address so you can buy numerous pairs of limited-edition shoes online, as well as some other cool items. A dedicated sneaker server will enhance speed and help you get to the front of the line faster. Still, it will only give you a single IP address, which is why you'll need proxies to gain several IP addresses. Sneaker proxy bots are the most efficient approach to automate the purchasing process. Still, they take some time to set up, with different billing profiles, site duties, timing, breaks, and an automation workflow to consider. If you don't want your identity stolen, secure proxies are the only ones you should use. Your proxy server's location is essential, and it would be best to keep them in the same region and data center to reduce latency and lag. Make it essential to test any payment option before making a transaction to ensure that your card issuer honors your purchases. It would be best if you never used free sneaker proxies. 

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