Complete Guide to Picking the Best SER Proxies

Complete Guide to Picking the Best SER Proxies

How to Pick the Best SER Proxies

Most businesses have gone digital, and an important factor in this digital presence is the use of SEO. This ensures that you rank high when your keyword is searched for so that your potential customers can find out who you are and what you have to offer.

Different tools are utilized in a bid to rank high and these include web scrapers, keyword research tools, and also search engine ranker (SER). We would be focusing on the use of search engine ranker in this article, and we would give you a guide on how to pick the best SER proxies.

The use of proxies with your SER tool isn’t optional, as you need different proxies in your link building campaign. Scraping with proxies that have already been compromised is the fastest way to get blocked and so before you make a choice, be sure that you choose a reliable proxy service provider. Highly recommended is Limeproxies.

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Types of SER Proxies

Mobile IPs

Mobile IPs are for mobile devices and it's given to a device when it tries to access the web. It’s very difficult to get these IPs and so it’s quite expensive. Since they are attached to a real device, they are less likely to be blocked but their expenses make it overkill to use them for any task where other types would suffice.

Datacenter IPs

Datacenter IPs are not related to any ISP but have their servers in data centers. They are the most common types of proxies you can find and are very cheap too. You can use this for your proxy pool and achieve the best results as you go about your web scraping task or search engine ranking.

Residential IPs

Just like mobile IPs, residential IPs are from real locations and so using them routes your traffic through an actual network. They are also difficult to obtain and are not easily blocked.

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Quality of SER Proxies

There are three types of proxies based on the quality of performance you get, and they are dedicated, shared, and public proxies.

Dedicated proxies and shared proxies offer you the best performance as you get the server to yourself or share it with another user as in the case of shared proxy.

You should only use dedicated proxies when performance is a huge priority for you as it's more expensive than shared proxies since you have to pay for everything yourself.

Open proxies are the least secure and least reliable. Anyone can use them and as a result, most of them have been blacklisted by websites already. They offer the least performance since they have a lot of users on the same server, and you are prone to getting malware infecting your device.

The Best SER Proxies

  1. Limeproxies

The use of proxies can sometimes slow down your internet connection, and this makes sense since you are connecting to the internet directly. This isn’t a problem with Limeproxies as they give you up to 1 Gbps speed so you can carry out your activities and have a good experience. You get dedicated IPs and at affordable rates so that your task doesn’t suffer from poor performance. The automated control panel helps you control and manage your proxies easily, making the user experience even better.

In case you run into any problem, there is 24/7 live support to help you sort it out. There are servers in more than 50 geo-locations for you to connect to depending on your need. So not only would you get performance, but you also get flexibility.

  1. Luminati

Luminati offers you a large pool of IPs which are over 72 million. Depending on what you want, you can go for mobile IPs or residential IPs. If you require very specific targeting, you will benefit from their Autonomous System Number feature that is in addition to the country, state, and city targeting options.

You can install Luminati on different operating systems like Windows, macOS, and Linux. It supports different protocols including SOCKS, HTTP, and HTTPS. All of these are alluring features, but they come at a high price.

  1. Oxylabs

Oxylabs offers you over 70 million IP addresses, located in every country and major city in the world. You can also get specific targeting using their Autonomous System Number in addition to the country and city targeting. In addition to rotating residential proxies, they also offer you static IPs so you can choose the one that best suits your task. 

In addition to their IPs, Oxylabs offers you a web scraper, Real-Time Crawler which is efficient in data extraction and parsing into either HTML or JSON format.


To ensure that you successfully automate your business page ranking, you need to use a proxy to avoid the target websites from detecting bot use as you extract data. The type and quality of proxy you use play a major role in the level of success you will achieve and that’s why it’s best to go for the highly recommended proxy services as they have made a name for themselves due to their good performance. Your budget is another factor that comes to mind, and so what you would be looking out for are performance and cost, and an example of a service that offers you both is Limeproxies.

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