Manage and Scrape Social Media With The Best Proxies

Manage and Scrape Social Media With The Best Proxies

manage and scrape social media

Social media accounts are one way to reach out to your target audience. Your chances and the effect you’ll have is even greater if you have multiple accounts as you can do more. It's however against the policy of many social media platforms to have multiple accounts, and it may seem that the only way out of this limitation is to have multiple devices, but that’s an expensive step. So how then can you manage and scrape social media? The simple answer is with the use of a premium proxy.

There is a lot of information online, and the data social media provides can go a long way in helping you access your audience and know what they want and what they are saying. This is where scraping comes in and you will need a bot to do this. Web scraping and the use of multiple social media accounts are prevented with the use of anti-bot measures as put in place by the website owner. So a good proxy is a good start to avoiding blocks.

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Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Higher Search Engine Rankings

Everyone goes to google to find information, and they mostly end their search on the first page. So to be on the first page you would need to improve your site rankings. Social media has proven to not only give your business more traffic but to also help with higher rankings. According to social media examiner, more than 58% of those who have used social media for their businesses have seen an improvement in the site’s rankings.

It’s not the easiest thing to rank on the first page of search engines, and part of the work you need to do is to add value through your content. Post quality content and integrate your keywords and other related keywords in the content. High-quality content will also attract a lot of likes and shares.

Great Brand Awareness

Social media strategy is an effective way to reach out to more people, thereby increasing your brand awareness. Having people to interact with your posts will increase your brand awareness and will have more people getting to know about your products and services. You can get such actions by getting your sponsors and employees amongst other people to like, share and comment on your posts.

With every shared post, a new type of audience would get to know what you have to offer, increasing the number of people you can reach.

Higher Conversion

Studies have shown that the use of social media has better lead to close rate than with outbound marketing. A brand that is available online and interactive builds trust and credibility easily as people prefer to do business with an active person than with a company they can hardly reach. Since people are already on social media to keep with the trend and also reach out to friends and family, give them something new to talk about. Chances are they will also refer you to a friend who requires your products and services when they have seen what you have to offer and are impressed.

Increased Traffic

Without a social media platform showcasing your products and services, the customers you will get are the regular ones you already have. It is highly likely that those who are familiar with your brand are already searching for it or telling others about it and they too are looking for a way to see what you have to offer. A social media account for your business would increase your customer base and expand it beyond what you have already.

Better Customer Satisfaction

Use social media to humanize your brand and provide room for communication with your client. Customers prefer to get personalized responses to their queries than automated ones from a chatbot and you can provide this satisfaction using social media. Acknowledging every comment or post shows that you provide great customer service and companies that do this get a larger customer drive as people prefer those who would be responsive if they need help.

Why You Should Manage and Scrape Social Media

Get Good Results

With Limeproxies, it’s easier to manage your bots thanks to their fully automated control panel. The way you handle the process is another determining factor of how successful you will be in the end.

You will need rotating proxies and for this, get an IP changer to rotate your IPs. Choose the long single session so that the IP wouldn’t change before a single session is over. If done right, you will emulate a real user as a real user stays in a particular location rather than changing locations randomly.

Target a specific city or country and use the IP only just as a real user would. Remember that the anti-bot measures are out to block non-human use and access to their site.

Ensure your anonymity by specifying that your DNS lookup is remotely resolved by the peer. This way, the changing of your URL to an IP address would be carried out on the peer side.

Avoid IP Blocks

When scraping or managing multiple social media accounts, your bot needs to be anonymous and its actions have to be like that of a real human user. This can be achieved by using a dedicated proxy address and using your bot responsibly.

Bypass Captchas and Block to IP Address

If you come across a captcha, send the request through a different peer. If it persists, then configure the request to go through a super proxy. There are different ways to avoid a CAPTCHA and a proxy is one of them. Captchas can be frustrating if you are carrying out a task and so you need to be ready to overcome them.


Social media has proven to be very useful in aiding business growth and reaching out to a larger body of potential customers. It’s more effective if multiple social media accounts are managed and used but this goes against policies and you will get blocked if found. There are different ways you can manage and scrape social media and using a proxy is one of them. Limeproxies keeps you highly anonymous and can be used with bots to scrape social media and also to manage multiple social media accounts. Their IPs are dedicated and so you get full performance including a high-speed connection that is necessary for many online tasks.

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