New and Advanced Features of Real-Time Crawler

New and Advanced Features of Real-Time Crawler

Real-Time Crawler Sees a Further Enhancement

Real-Time Crawler is a **data extraction software **that helps the user get real-time data as is needed especially for purposes like pricing intelligence. They have been a lot of developments to the system and all of these improvements are to enhance functionality, and improve it so you can get even more user satisfaction.

It is also meant to improve the efficiency of your web scraping tasks and by these, it is safe to say that Real-Time Crawler sees a further enhancement in the nearest future as they are always ready to make improvements.

Features that Real-Time Crawler now brings to the table include being able to pass real-time request parameters through URL. You can also retrieve data promptly using the same connection in any format you want; either the raw HTML format or the parsed JSON format.

With this improvement, it will be even easier to use Real-Time Crawler, and valuable time would be saved when preparing Real-Time Crawler for web scraping assignments.

Note that the time it would take to retrieve data isn’t fixed and depends on the target website from where the data would be gotten. If you are still confused or in doubt about the functionalities of the program, please read the official documentation or reach out to your account manager with your queries.

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Why Your Business Should Use Real-Time Crawler

The web contains vast knowledge but it’s a complex source nonetheless. Public data sources frequently change their structure and to gain access, you would need to use a system that is compatible with the source.

Some data sources require advanced technical knowledge from the visitor, while others make data gathering a nightmare by adding steps that mess up the entire process.

This is the reason why many people use a system that can gather data of any volume and do it in real-time too and here is where Real-Time Crawler comes in.

Since Real-Time Crawler is a program that already exists, it is way cheaper to purchase than building your own from scratch. Apart from the cost implication of building your web scraper, you will also waste time and require professionals to work full time with you.

You can save yourself all that stress by getting the already made program and forward your web scraping needs to it. Since you won’t be needing many powerful servers, the cost for infrastructure would also be dropped in this aspect, and you can invest that in another sector.

As a robust data extraction tool that is designed to allow effortless data extraction from sources such as search engines and eCommerce sites, Real-Time Crawler can be referred to as a real-time web scraping solution.

It’s pretty straightforward and easy to use. All you need to do is provide the data source URL, and it will provide you with data in the right format that can be analyzed easily by your team or application framework.

With Real-Time Crawler, you are guaranteed a 100% success rate in your data collection tasks. It utilizes large IP pools and also has an advanced IP backup so that your data extraction would proceed smoothly and without any delays from blocked IPs or proxy sleeps. With this, you can rest assured that you will succeed each time.

Simply put, users of Real-Time Crawler would be able to specify exactly what they need without having to write any code. This convenience of use of Real-Time Crawler is due to the one-line integration which is based on a real-time endpoint.

And so data would be fetched immediately on the same request and connection.

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Over time, Real-Time Crawler has seen further enhancements and more are still to come. Users are already enjoying the speed and efficiency of extracting large volumes of data from search engines and eCommerce sites with great ease. The considerations put in place during the design of a real crawler makes it very efficient and guarantees you 100% success. Every scraper bot aims to have human-like behaviors and Real-Time Crawler has solved that with its use of a large pool of IPs, and advanced backup IPs. Your choice of proxies is as important as the bot you are using and that’s why you need to go for a reliable IP source. There are a lot of proxies out there that you can use, but not all would go unnoticed by the website’s advanced proxy detection algorithm. And so you should go with a reliable service provider like Limeproxies that offers you dedicated IPs and full performance.

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