Proxy Networks: The Retailing Game Changer of 2020

Proxy Networks: The Retailing Game Changer of 2020

Retailing Game Changer of 2020

Ecommerce websites need to have pricing data as it’s always changing, and customers make a lot of price comparisons before finally making a purchase. Most users hit the ‘Purchase’ icon and proceed to checkout products of good value and at the best price rather than those of higher prices.

To remain favorable in the eyes of your customers, therefore, you need to constantly compare prices with your competitors and this article is all about helping you stand out as you use the retailing game-changer of 2020 in your business.

Proxy networks will help you stand at an advantage in this industry as it is one industry that is data-dependent. To beat your competition, you need to be one step ahead and you can do this if you make informed decisions from the analysis of accurate data you have collected.

Your data would be compromised if your IP is recognized as a competition, or even blocked. And so you need to connect to a proxy and emulate a real user to get accurate data, successfully scrape the site, and compare different markets from different locations.

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Benefits of Using a Proxy in Retail Business

Brand Protection

It can be difficult to monitor and ensure that copyrighted materials are distributed and used correctly. With your real IP, malicious internet users can identify you and change the information on display to what you’d want to see. So you can’t be truly certain of what you see if you go there as yourself.

With a proxy network, you can access the internet as a different user and get the information you need. It’s like masking your identity and going undercover. Thanks to the anonymity proxies provide, you won’t be recognized.

By this, you can protect your brand from illegal use of your company’s identity, catch copyrighted materials, and also sue those who violate your copyright materials.

Market Research

Anything done on eCommerce sites like purchasing or selling must first go through thorough market research. Customers don’t just buy from the first store they visit or come across.

They compare the prices across other retailers and choose from the one that offers the best deal. The majority make purchases from sellers that offer the product at the cheapest price. It's stressful but worth it as you get more value for less.

As a retailer, you will need to do the same. Market research across various markets around the globe can be daunting but is fulfilling. By comparing prices all round, you will provide the best deals for your potential customers so you can compete favorably with your rivals.

Most websites have anti-bot features to prevent the use of bots for web scraping. So if you try to extract data your IP would be discovered as from a bot and blocked.

Worse still, your IP could be discovered as a competition and fed with false data. This will be grossly misleading and cause you to make terrible decisions.

With a proxy you can research borders, comparing prices from all over the world, and see data just as those in that location would see it.

You can also extract data from a website and be assured that the data you are getting is accurate since the website’s servers would see you as a customer rather than a rival.

The right type of proxy and software is essential if you must succeed and that’s why we highly recommend that you use Limeproxies to guarantee successful data extraction.

Price Comparison

To succeed in the eCommerce industry, you must guarantee that your prices are the best anyone can get of the same product. Checking other retailer’s websites is the easiest way to get that information, but your IP would be recognized immediately and either blocked or fed false data. So to extract the data you need without raising flags, you need to hide behind the IP from a proxy.

Premium Proxy IPs are human-like and undetected by anti-bot features of websites.

Overcome Blocks

While extracting data you will come across a lot of blocks like captcha. These are defense mechanisms put in place to prevent the use of bots to access the site. It can put an end to your scraping task.

Sometimes, your IP may be blocked and denied access to the site and in such a situation changing IPs would come in handy. You can switch to a fresh one that hasn’t been blocked and continue to send requests and extract what you need.

With a premium proxy, and proper guidelines you will scrape without encountering any blocks. But if you do, you will be able to solve them and continue with your data extraction.

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Ensuring You Are in Par with The Retailing Game Changer of 2020

All proxy IPs provide you with anonymity, but not all are good enough to help you appear like a real human user. With the dedicated IPs from Limeproxies, you will have full IP server performance and together with other features, websites would find it difficult to detect bot use. This is of course the case as long as you use your bot the right way.

With a proxy, you would appear as a regular customer who has no interest in their data and so you won’t be misled or blocked from having access to the site.

The majority of big retail companies are already using this strategy and benefit from it. So to survive the competition, you need to do the same.

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Retailing business is growing as more entrepreneurs invest in it and take it up. With so many retail stores online, the competition has become steep and only the strongest amongst the lot would survive.

Providing the best price deals amongst the competition gives you an advantage and that is why you need to collect pricing data constantly. Proxies are the retailing game-changer of 2020 as the majority of the data extraction task relies on the quality of proxy used.

Limeproxies has an easy to use automated control panel, with IP servers located in various places around the world. So you can do good and thorough research. They also give you a high connection speed of 1 Gbps to ensure you can collect large data without spending the whole day. In all, you get an overall great user experience and better chances of succeeding in your task.

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