Guide to Socks5 and advantages of using Socks 5 Proxies

Guide to Socks5 and advantages of using Socks 5 Proxies



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    We all strive to achieve greater security and anonymity on the internet and SOCKS5 is exactly a significant step forward on this quest.

    What is SOCKS5 Proxy?

    Before explaining the SOCKS5 term, let’s see what SOCKS is first. SOCKS is an abbreviation from the term Socket Secure. It is responsible for exchanging packets on the network that are being sent and received between the server and the client. What it does, however, is include a proxy server as a medium to avoid possible security issues.

    Let’s simplify it even more. If you want to go to a certain website and your IP is, you will be filtered through a proxy server and you will be assigned a new IP. This way, when you reach a website, a different IP will be shown – for example

    However, SOCKS5 is a bit enhanced version of SOCKS and it requires further authentication in order to access the proxy server. This works as an additional layer of security and it is exactly what Limeproxies.com offer to its users.

    What are the advantages of using SOCKS5 Proxies?

    1. When you compare the traditional proxy services with SOCKS5 proxy, you will notice that the speed of download and upload is much better, especially when transmitting data via torrents and P2P services. This happens because SOCKS5 is responsible for full implementation of UDP, thus enabling users to be able to connect to the peers in a swarm. Apart from better speed, the overall performance is also better with this service. If there happens to be an interruption of SOCKS5 proxy server and you are in the middle of P2P process, the P2P will also stop, thus preventing exposition of your real IP address. If you want to achieve even greater security, you can also combine it with a VPN.
    2. The internet is full of blocks that prevent you from accessing certain websites. However, due to the fact that SOCKS5 proxy servers are remote servers, the IP that they provide will probably grant you access to these locations. In other words, your IP remains hidden from the possible firewalls and blocks and your new IP is shown, thus enabling you to surf and go to whichever site you want.
    3. Combination of SOCKS5 and VPN is perfect as one would guarantee for the other. Let’s say that you left computer online and connected to a P2P and your VPN is suddenly interrupted. If you have SOCKS5 proxy server, your true IP will remain hidden and UDP and TCP protocol will continue to guard your information and your data until you reconnect to the VPN.
    4. Traditional IP proxies are very specific because they focus only on HTTP protocol. In other words, you will be able to be anonymous only while visiting webpages and surfing the internet. However, when it comes to any other kind of data transmission on the internet, you will still remain exposed completely. However, SOCKS5 is an all-around proxy server, which means that you will stay protected and have a different IP whatever you choose to do on the internet and regardless of the type of data transmission that is currently happening on your connection.
    5. Once again, traditional proxies have this bad habit of rewriting headers of the data packets**.** This was once seen as a very efficient way of enhancing security but it is, in fact, flawed because the case of mislabeling data often occurs and this results in the overall bad performance of traditional proxies. SOCKS5 proxies do not rewrite headers of the data packets because there is no need for that kind of security. This means that the overall performance is better with SOCKS5 as there are fewer chances of encountering an error.

    6. SOCKS5 is a combination of TCP and UDP protocols. TCP protocol is a protocol that establishes a certain type of physical connection between the client and the server, thus organizing data in such manner to make sure that all of it has reached the destination. This is a complicated process that takes time but eventually results in the data safely arriving. On the other hand UDP protocol is not interested in the safe arrival of the data. Instead, it focuses on the speed and efficiency of the data transmission. This makes it faster but less reliable than TCP. SOCKS5 combines TCP and UDP protocols, making the ultimate data transmission protocol that is both fast and reliable.

    To sum up, in the world of the internet, our every step is traced and there are no guarantees that someone is watching us – be it the government or someone else. In order to protect ourselves and achieve better and safer connection we must find alternatives such as VPN or proxies. Good providers of SOCKS5 proxy servers, such as Limeproxies, will definitely guarantee all the protection that you need to stay safe and sound.

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