Ultimate Guide to Private Proxies 2021

Ultimate Guide to Private Proxies 2021

Ultimate Guide to Private Proxies 2021

A private proxy serves as an intermediary between a client and the Internet. When you use a private proxy, it implies that only one client is using the dedicated IP address at any given time. When a private proxy is used, requests are routed through the proxy server (which hides the client's original IP address) first, and then the client's requests are fulfilled by connecting to internet resources.

Your IP address allows other websites to follow your browsing activity whenever you connect to the Internet regardless of its nature. Knowing how to disguise your IP address is the only way to remain anonymous, which is where private proxies come in helpful. Although shared proxies have their advantages, buying private proxies is usually the better option because the former can cause severe slowdowns, lost privacy, and an increased risk of blacklisted IPs. There are several things you should be aware of when it comes to private proxies. For instance, what are the different types of private proxies, and how do they work? What differentiates them, and what are their advantages? Plus a whole lot more. Let's get started. Today, we will give you the ultimate guide of private proxies, so let's start.

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What is a Private Proxy?

A private proxy is a dedicated IP address assigned to only one person to provide anonymity and avoid censorship, surveillance, and geographical limitations online. A private proxy, also known as a dedicated IP address, conceals a user's true IP address and displays the dedicated IP address as the user's IP address. This ensures the user's anonymity. Unlike public and shared proxies, private proxy owners have complete control over their proxies and enjoy a high level of privacy.

They don't have to be concerned about what their neighbors are up to. In this scenario, neighbors are other IP address users. When using a shared IP address, one user's action on a website may result in all of you being blocked from accessing the offending website. On the other hand, private proxies are more expensive than public proxies because they are committed to a single user at a time.

How Private Proxy Works?

A private proxy hides your real IP address and replaces it with a unique IP address not shared with anyone. When opposed to other proxies, it functions as a link between the server and your computer while keeping you anonymous and giving you full control and extra privacy. Although many people have doubts regarding "am I the only user?" There are two techniques to ensure that you are the lone user of that proxy for that specific purpose.

To begin, make sure your proxy service includes an authentication system. One option is to use password and username authentication, which requires entering your username and password. The second option is to use whitelist IP authentication, which requires you to provide your IP address.

Types of Private Proxies

In the broadest sense, private proxies are a form of proxy server that one user only uses at a time, and they are further split into several types. Private dedicated IP proxies, private residential IP proxies, and mobile IP proxies are the three private proxies offered by premium proxy services.

In a strict sense, private proxies are the only option. To hide their public IP address, private Datacenter proxies are sometimes known as "dedicated proxies." A dedicated proxy is an IP address used by only one user at a time to hide their public IP address.

A dedicated proxy is an IP address used by only one user at a time to hide their public IP address.

Dedicated Private Proxies

Private dedicated proxy providers mostly provide Datacenter IP addresses, which combine a dedicated IP address with a solid and trusted proxy software that conceals your true IP address and gives online privacy. The dedicated proxies give the most stable and fast proxy network connections, but the IP may be barred by some stringent sites, such as sneaker and ticket websites. You shouldn't worry about their virginity if you plan to use the Datacenter Dedicated proxies on these tight platforms.

Private Residential Proxies

Residential proxies are dedicated to a single residence, and when users visit websites over these proxies, the websites detect that the request is coming from that residence.

Private Mobile Proxies

Mobile proxies are affiliated with mobile carriers such as T-Mobile and AT&T and are exclusively set up for cellphones. These proxies are constantly changing, making it difficult to keep track of them.

Because they have a lower possibility of being tracked, these proxies are the best to utilize. If you are not getting the right type of proxy according to your requirements, you won't benefit much.

Things to Consider Before Buying Private Proxy

There are numerous factors to consider before purchasing a private proxy because they will assist you in improving your web browsing experience. You will not benefit much if you do not obtain the appropriate form of proxy for your needs.

Additionally, if you end up with a proxy that isn't up to standard, you may have data or information loss. So, you're looking for a private proxy and don't know what to look for? The following are some crucial aspects to consider:

Both security and quickness

The two most significant factors that define a proxy's performance are security and speed. It is critical to use a private proxy with a high-speed connection at all times, and you can assess the proxy's speed and determine whether it meets your requirements. Some good proxy services also provide a trial period, allowing the user to evaluate the various performance characteristics before making a purchase decision.

Another key factor to consider is security. Even though a private proxy is quite secure, you must ensure that providers use modern techniques and technology to protect their clients' data and information. Some proxy companies sell shared proxies to their customers, who mistakenly believe they are private proxies. Service providers typically play this game with beginners because they can't tell the difference between a minor speed loss in a shared proxy and one that doesn't happen in a private proxy.

A private proxy operates as a filter to stop dangerous content and acts as a separate firewall layer. It readily screens out viruses or malware that can affect your system because it does not connect directly to the Internet and instead functions as an intermediary. To ensure an acceptable level of security, a private proxy must have all of these characteristics.


Proxies are commonly utilized due to their ability to circumvent geological limitations. If you're looking for a private proxy for the same purpose, make sure you get one with a reliable location first. This is because some areas are riskier than others, and there is a possibility of an IP or proxy block from those nations. When selecting a private proxy solely to access a few specific websites, you must also consider the website's location. When you know where the website is hosted, you can choose an appropriate location. Proxies from trusted places such as the United States, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom have a lower danger of being blacklisted than those from risky locations like Ukraine, Russia, and Africa.


Many people value anonymity above all else, which is why they employ proxies. Proxies allow users to access the web anonymously, preventing websites and search engines from tracking their personal information such as location and other details. There is no risk of being tracked by cookies or other detecting methods when using proxies. When you use a private proxy to send requests to a website server, your identity stays hidden, allowing you to surf without restriction. This means that if you operate a company, you can visit your competitor's website without being identified. Although private proxies are safe and give anonymity to users, you should check with the provider to see if there is any risk of data leakage. Websites have become more sophisticated, employing new technologies to detect visitor behavior. However, the degree of anonymity that a service provider may provide is dependent on its quality.


The success of private proxies is heavily influenced by price, and the two concepts are inexorably tied. The greater the performance of a private proxy, the higher the fee. The majority of social media marketers and SEO professionals use price as the primary criterion for comparing the quality of various private proxies. However, some private proxy providers take advantage of this and charge greater prices for low-quality private proxies. Virgin proxies are the greatest because they have never been used before; however, it might be difficult to tell whether a proxy is a virgin or not. Virgin proxies are ideal for SEO tasks and use on websites with severe limitations.

The provider's customer service

The customer care given by the private proxy provider is also critical in enhancing the user's experience. You must have your proxy provider by your side if you have a problem so that it may be fixed quickly. Some private proxy providers give very little support, and their users have a tough time getting help when they have a question or an issue. Some proxy companies will even replace your proxy if it is blacklisted, while others will refund your money if you are unhappy with the proxy's performance.


Private private proxies that have never been used before and set up just for a user are known as virgin private proxies. In terms of overall performance, these are the best proxies. If speed and security are important to you, virgin proxies are the best option. There's also a slim risk that these proxies will be blacklisted because they've never been used to deliver requests to a website before. So, if you're going to employ proxies for bots to scrape data, these are the ideal option because they're less likely to be noticed or traced.

Automation Tools You can Use with Private Proxies

Users of private proxies can use a range of tools for various purposes. The majority of private proxy users ignore this and continue trying to get their intended results even when the proxy cannot use a certain tool. Some tools are more compatible with certain proxies than others. These tools are really useful for completing various activities, but you must keep in mind that different tools are required for different jobs.

Sneaker Bots 

Bots and proxies are both useful methods for purchasing limited-edition footwear. You may snag limited-edition sneakers by using private proxies and bots. Although such footwear may have IP restrictions, you can readily purchase them using private proxies. If you're a sneakerhead, you should be aware that a slew of sneakerheads are preparing shoes for sale. Private proxies can assist you in running additional accounts on the sneaker Bot; below are a few of the sites' recommended bots.

For SEO tools

Various power tools, such as SEO Powersuite, ScrapeBox, or GSA SER, can be used to collect data from various sites and verify search engine rankings.

ScrapeBox, the greatest tool for data scraping, is required, for example, if you wish to scrape websites using your private proxies. This program will allow you to scrape data more quickly and in mass. With this tool, you may scrape many data, including comments, links, and much more.

For social media automation

Multiple social media profiles can also be created using private proxies. If you wish to establish a social media presence, you can use a combination of technologies. You can also talk to the proxy provider about finding out about other tools that will help you get the most out of your proxies. Also, be sure that the private proxy you're purchasing is compatible with the tool you'll be using to do your job.

Automated Instagram

Instagram is a prominent social networking tool that allows you to take stunning photos of whatever you want to share with your followers. As an internet business, you can advertise your brand by growing your account's number of followers, which can be accomplished through proxies and bots such as Jarvee and FollowLiker.

Automated Twitter

Private proxies are a wonderful alternative if you want to create many accounts on Twitter without getting banned. You can also use these proxies to unblock Twitter if the website or app is unavailable in your area. Pinterest automation, Reddit upvote bot, Youtube views bot, and other social media tools can be used with proxies on various networks.

Usage of Private Proxy

Private proxies can be used for various reasons, and determining why you need them is a vital first step. The following are some excellent applications for private proxies:


With the rise of private proxies, geo-surfing has become increasingly popular. You can simply access websites that are blocked in your country for whatever reason. Your private proxy service will give you a proxy from where that website is available, allowing you to view the content without being blocked.


Craigslist is a large ad-posting network that is used by millions of people to advertise their businesses. You can utilize private proxies to market your worldwide business outside of your home country if you have one. You can use private proxies for classified ads sites if you wish to place an ad from another country without being censored.

Rank tracking and large-scale searching

Private proxies can also be used to track the rankings of different websites. Because they can analyze the potency of certain keywords, rank tracking tools are particularly useful for SEO and online marketers. When it comes to finding the most successful keywords for SEO, such tools are really useful.

Apart from these, you can use your proxies for a variety of additional purposes. It will assist you in defining your priorities and communicating them to the private proxy provider, even if you have already decided to accomplish something with proxies. This way, you'll be able to find the correct proxy and have a better surfing experience than ever before.

Advantages of Buying Private Proxies

There are many advantages to buying private proxies. The specific demands that private proxies can meet vary depending on the job at hand, and your provider can tailor a solution to your requirements. Even some of the more basic benefits of purchasing private proxies, though, can have a significant impact. Here are some benefits that you can anticipate receiving right away if you decide to purchase proxy services.

1. Transcending Borders

The Internet does not make distinctions based on nationality. Governments, on the other hand, have rules that are specific to the area you're in. For a variety of reasons, these rules may stifle your progress. Your project may be on the verge of crossing into a grey area of business, and it may trespass on 'cultural' restrictions with which you disagree. This could limit or narrow your business and knowledge opportunities. If you buy proxies, you can continue working on your dream idea without being stopped. Because these proxies mask your IP address, you can conceal your location and gain access to or deliver content that would otherwise be unavailable.

2. Personal space

Your personal information may scarcely be regarded as safe with smaller-scale websites, especially with giants like Facebook falling victim to privacy violations. Your data is logged in, kept, and possibly modified every time you visit a website.

This information is used by businesses to better understand consumer behavior and to fine-tune their marketing campaigns. Your IP address, location, and identity are all part of this. Would you want to share that information with strangers all across the world? Purchase private proxies to alter your IP address and break the link between your identity and the Internet. There's a slim probability of being traced, so you go about your business as usual. Safety should always come first, no matter how simple your online business is.

3. Use of social media for marketing

We already know that search engines optimize results based on the amount of online discussion a page generates. As a new or small business, you may not be able to quickly establish a market presence. To improve your SEO score, you'll need various social media users to interact with your page.

You could purchase proxies to help you out here. They provide you the option of creating as many user accounts as you want. You can use these accounts to promote your page and test different marketing methods. 

4. SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

The amount of hits you receive isn't the only factor in search engine optimization, and your page rank is heavily influenced by the number of links your page has to other related pages. Of course, you could start with competition research and work your way up, but private proxies can help you go much further.

There are a variety of tools that can help you create links faster. The issue is that you could be detected and blacklisted. Purchasing proxies is one option, and it is hard to be identified because they disguise your IP address and can even be rotated. As a result, you may relax while building your links, knowing that if you fail, you can always try again.

5. Scraping Websites

The value we place on data has changed as a result of the data revolution. There are several websites with a wealth of information that can assist you in growing your business, and you could even be able to make money off of this information. However, the sheer volume of available resources adds to the complexity. You could always scrape through it using bots or tools to uncover useful information, but many websites have anti-bot precautions in place.

If your IP address is found, these websites will ban it. You might simply get around this difficulty by purchasing proxies. You can use private proxies to switch between different IP addresses, confusing the website's security procedures. This gives you more time to collect a significant amount of data, potentially a competitive advantage.

6. Overcome Access Barriers

When using a shared network, you may encounter limitations. Certain websites, such as YouTube or a previously flagged at work, may not be allowed to be visited. By purchasing private proxies, you can get around these limitations. Simply set your browser to the settings provided by your vendor, and you're done! You can now visit any website without fear of being detected. However, you must first ensure that you are purchasing private proxies rather than public proxies. The latter can jeopardize your entire network.

7. Marketing Automation

As you may be aware, the more frequently your brand is visible on the Internet, the more traction you will gain in the future. Using well-placed links and comments to nudge visitors or clients is a tried and true method of generating traffic.

The issue is that this procedure is time-consuming. To achieve such awareness, you must invest a significant amount of time and effort. You could utilize bots to create these leads for you to make the process easier. To improve the efficacy of your marketing strategy, download basic software that meets your demands and apply the appropriate settings. You must, however, ensure that the websites are unable to detect your bots. You can get private proxies to do the job for you once more. It's a straightforward but highly effective strategy for leveraging technology as a competitive advantage.

8. Browsing in Private

Public proxies are an alternative to VPNs and private proxies, and they're simple to find and operate on the same principles. Public proxies, while free, are frequently poisoned apples. You are quite likely to become a victim of a virus, which has the potential to harm your entire network. Even if you manage to dodge a system-crushing attack by some miracle, public proxies will not suffice.

They are easily detectable by Google and other big search engines, as well as social media companies. Your account will be flagged, and you will be banned. At the same time, you run the chance of being attacked. With public proxies, the payoff does not appear to be worth the danger.

9. Improved Browsing Speed

When using public proxies, you'll need to keep an eye on connectivity to ensure consistent uptime. Private proxies, on the other hand, guarantee a constant speed. You may be required to scrape through gigabytes of data at a time as part of your project. Monitoring your bots for such long periods is almost impossible and incredibly inefficient. On the other hand, a private proxy would ensure that your work is uninterrupted without the need for you to supervise it. Private proxies are devoted to you alone, allowing you a more secure and faster connection.

10. Stay away from direct marketing

Finally, adverts that appear to know more about your wants than you do can be avoided. Websites provide targeted adverts based on your data, which may be both appealing and unpleasant. You can keep your selections private once you purchase private proxies. As a result, you'll be free of distractions while working, allowing you to concentrate on the task at hand. It simply makes you feel better to know that your information is secure.

Why Should I Use Private Proxies?

Sneaker Bots

Have you ever walked by a mall and seen people standing in line for hours to get a pair of hotly sought-after newly released sneakers?

Sneakers are popular because of how comfy they are on the foot and the aesthetic value they give to your overall look. While some individuals stand in line for hours in the hot sun at the mall, others stay in their rooms and yet end up buying more pairs of sneakers — due to sneaker bots.

A sneaker bot is software that automates the process of purchasing high-demand shoes very quickly. Some people even go so far as to purchase a large number of those shoes. You can't do it without sneaker bots. Nike and Adidas are at the fore when it comes to selling high-quality, in-demand sneakers. They've constructed their systems in such a way that queries made by sneaker bots are rejected.

This is because they scam the system by purchasing more than one pair, which the bot's owners will then sell for a profit. Sneaker coping has been made possible with the use of sneaker proxies and sneaker bots. Nike has been combating the usage of sneaker bots for a long time and has had some success.

Developers, on the other hand, are progressively figuring out how to make their bots operate. They require private proxies designed specifically for sneaker bots, which they can use to impersonate different individuals in various regions to purchase footwear. Limited edition sneakers sell out in a matter of hours or days. With sneaker bots, you may buy multiple pairs and sell them for a profit.

Gaming Proxies

Gaming Proxies can be used to spoof GPS locations for gaming purposes.

Since the introduction of smartphones, Pokémon Go has become one of the most popular games. Many people, both young and old, have been seen catching Pokémon while walking down the street. While Pokémon is a fun and addictive game to play, it is not available in all countries.

Your country may be preventing you from catching many Pokémon. The game has been outright prohibited in several nations. In Iran, you are unable to play Pokémon, and it's not only permissible. Many fans of the game in Asia are still waiting for their nations to be added to the list of Pokémon-friendly countries.

While they wait, while Iranians are kept out, some users have devised a way to spoof their GPS to catch Pokémon in other countries. These players use gaming proxies to mask their location and play the game as if they were in a different nation. In most circumstances, private proxies are employed.

While it is possible to use shared proxies, your security is not guaranteed, as hackers could steal your Pokémon and infect your PC with malware. You're more secure when you utilize private proxies because you're not sharing the proxy with anyone else. Private proxies are more expensive, but they ensure your security.

Using Social Proxies for Social Automation

Internet marketers profit from Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and Pinterest. While most users of these social networks are there to have fun, keep in touch with friends, and pass the time, some people are making a lot of money on them.

Someone will have more than ten business profiles on Instagram, and the same individual will have the same amount or more on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.

How do you believe such a person could manage such a large number of accounts without using automation? Have you ever experienced the experience of accounts quickly following you once you follow them or like their post? That's what a bot does. To avoid being blacklisted, social media bots have been programmed to operate many accounts and imitate various places. This is because social media sites despise automation tools, increasing the cost of running their servers rather than increasing profits. They can avoid detection by using social proxies purchased from a private proxy provider. This is a low price to pay to avoid a ban. You can also build up your proxy server, but this will necessitate a great deal of knowledge.

Ticketmaster Proxies 

Some tickets sell out in minutes. People are riveted to their computers, waiting for word that they will be on sale. They rush to buy them after hearing such news. Unfortunately, many of those tickets are location-specific, making life more difficult for people who live elsewhere. Ticketmaster proxies, on the other hand, allow you to get around those limitations. If you live in the United States, you can use Ticketmaster proxies to purchase tickets in the United Kingdom. Ticketmaster is a firm established in the United States that sells and distributes tickets. This company limits the number of tickets that can be purchased based on the buyer's location. Ticketmaster proxies can be used to get around this restriction and purchase tickets for theatre, concerts, sports, family events, clubs, and other events.

Scraping and crawling the Internet

Product sales data abound on e-commerce sites like Amazon and Aliexpress. They're jam-packed with data about things, their sellers, and how people think about them. Businesses are interested in the data so that they may make decisions based on it. 

App marketplaces like Google Play Store and Apple's App Store, in addition to e-commerce platforms, provide a vast library of information for developers. After individuals download an app from the store, they offer ratings on how valuable they think it is.

These developers frequently need consumer feedback on their apps to figure out if any issues need to be fixed or areas of the user experience that need to be tweaked to better serve their customers. They frequently utilize private proxies to avoid being detected and blocked because of the volume of requests they wish to send.

How to Use a Private Proxy?

Proxies aren't designed for any platform. They can be used on Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux, and even embedded systems, as proxies can be used on any browser without downloading any software.

When utilizing a private proxy, you must authenticate the proxy when compared to other public or free proxies. They are centered on the application, and you can put them in the settings of the Internet-accessing application you want to use. The majority of popular browsers offer a proxy configuration area where you may enter the proxy information. ScrapeBox and other programs offer built-in support for this. Regardless of the software you intend to use the proxy for, you must first authenticate yourself as the rightful owner. A private proxy can be authenticated in two ways, and these are accomplished through the use of a standard username and password and IP authentication.

The most common method of authentication is to utilize a username and password combination. As a result, Internet users are already accustomed to it, and there is nothing new in this instance. When you buy a proxy, you'll get a username and password along with it. You can change your password at any time, and it is usually a good idea to update your password once in a while.

IP authentication, also known as IP whitelisting, is a method of authentication. You insert your real IP address (given by your ISP) into a list of whitelisted IP addresses in the private proxy you purchased. This type of authentication ensures that the proxy can only be used by IP addresses whitelisted.



Dedicated IP addresses, often known as private proxies, are one of the choices available to online users who want to mask their genuine IP addresses by using an intermediary server.

They're handy for various things, including site scraping, social media automation, and circumventing geolocation limitations. When you next need to hide your IP address online, use a private proxy, and your identity will be disguised exactly how you want it. Private proxies should be used in your business because they will benefit you in a variety of ways.

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