How to unblock Facebook for better brand growth in 2020?

How to unblock Facebook for better brand growth in 2020?

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Thrivehive stated in one of its article that there are, ‘’2.01 billion active users each month’’ alone on Facebook.

That is the power of Facebook taking control at a much faster and efficient pace. What started as a platform to engage with friends across the globe soon grew into becoming an even better platform for businesses or brands like yours to sell better to potential prospects.

The greatest thing about Facebook is that the audience is huge, today any kind of age group where it is millennials or the adult groups, these audiences are the best to target. Living in 2020 requires a brand like yours to make smarter and wiser decisions when it comes to catering to the prospect's needs and with platforms such as Facebook, this becomes a golden opportunity to grasp.

Though the online platforms one such as Facebook has grown to become one of the most popular choices for business engagements and the perfect sales technique, there are still some concerns in a few places where such an efficient platform is blocked.

The reason could be numerous such as not abiding by the rules or law set by the place and many more but that doesn’t mean that you should ignore it. ‘’Studies show that 93% of consumer buying decisions are based on social media’’ and Facebook is considered to have ‘’approximately 2.27 billion monthly active users in 2018 which is more than one-third of the 2019 total population of the world.’’

This is a huge deal which is why you need to start building your brand on Facebook. How can you conduct such an action when Facebook is blocked for you? This article has everything you need to know.

Let’s dive straight in.

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Why do you need Facebook for your business?

1. Extend your brand outreach

As you have witnessed in the above content, Facebook has almost 2.27 billion active users and that’s the monthly stats so imagine how well will your brand be recognized in the eyes of the billion users present.

With such a high rate of active users, this clearly states that your business stands a chance to be seen and build its existence much sooner. So for instance if you conduct Facebook ad activities, chances are your product or your ad will confidently be reached to the huge audience which in turn affects your lad capture rate hence impacting your sales numbers.

Facebook for a marketer or a sales individual is one of the best places to engage with prospects and sell to them. The audience is huge and using this as an opportunity to connect with multiple of the active prospects on Facebook is a golden opportunity your business needs to be grasped right now.

2. Good place for competitor research

If you want to sell better to prospects, you need to have a sneak peek of what your competitors are doing and that is what Facebook provides you with. There are thousands of brands online on Facebook currently that are engaging with prospects right at this very moment.

If you want to be considered as the best, you need to get ahead of them and the way to do that is by checking and monitoring their activities and the way they conduct their selling activities. For instance, you can view your peer's account to check out what type of content marketing they are doing, when are they posting, how much do they post in a day, what are their comments and much more.

This gives you the ability to perform better than them for instance, if they post content such as blogs twice a week, you can conduct the same activity by posting thrice a week with a blog, a social media post and have an engagement session. This will bring more light to you and you will be able to capture the interest of the prospects much quicker and better.

3. Receive more traffic

Now you’re using Facebook as the medium to sell to your prospects, did you know that Facebook can also help you to drive more traffic to your website?

What happens is, say if you have written a blog or a social media post, in the content, you would be placing your website link in multiple places as well as when you are promoting the blog, so when your audience finds your content appealing, they would like to explore your solutions and your brand more which would compel them to land on your website.

When they do land on your website, you have the chance to capture their attention and hence continue to convert them to become your lead. This is a great chance for you because driving traffic isn’t that easy and when you are investing your time and energy on a platform with such a large audience, it is wise to place links that can compel your prospects to learn more about you and head towards the main page.

4. Targeting the right audience

Many businesses make the mistake of targeting the wrong audience and hence spend a lot of their time trying to convince them to buy from them. By the time they realize that the time has already been wasted.

With Facebook that is not the case, with the use of Facebook ads you can choose which audience you want to target, once the selection is done, the ads are only sent to them. This is a great technique because all the money, time and energy invested is towards the right audience so even if one audience reverts back, your business gets impacted.

5. Great platform to engage

Another reason why Facebook is great for your business is that it can help you to engage and communicate with your prospects better. In a time where the market is changing and technology is developing, what needs to remain constant is the fact that there is still a human touch being added.

For instance, with Facebook, you have the option to comment on a post or like something, as a brand you also have the chance to comment back and engage with your prospects. This action helps you to connect better and give your prospects the time to develop their trust for your brand so that selling to them becomes a whole lot easier.

Imagine how great your brand would work with the use of Facebook in your lead generation activities?

This is why you need to learn how you can easily unblock this miracle solution because if you want to make a name for your brand, using one of the impactful social media platforms will get you there.

How to unblock Facebook for better brand growth in 2020?

Technology will keep developing and will continue to bring in unique solutions that will help brands like yours to grow better. Similarly, in order to unblock Facebook, the greatest technique to apply are proxy services.

Proxy services are a solution where it ensures that any activity you do online is secure and safeguarded without any identity being revealed of the user. For instance, now say your country has blocked Facebook, with the help of a reliable proxy service provider, you can easily unblock Facebook without any risk.

What would happen is your IP address would be changed. The IP address is the main cause for the blockage of many accounts and the reason being it gives away the user’s location. So what happens is when you try to unblock Facebook, you will be doing it with a new IP address and your current IP address will be hidden.

This would be a great measure because you can conduct any activity you want, sell to anybody across the globe without any restriction. Your identity will never be revealed and you can conduct risk-free actions at any time.

Even when it comes to managing multiple Facebook accounts proxy servers are the best choice. At times not one Facebook account will be enough to grow and expand your business, having multiple accounts extends your outreach and helps you to grab better attention towards your page.

Since proxy servers can help you to unblock Facebook, it can also help to manage as many Facebook accounts you wish which would match your business requirements. You can consider proxy services to help you enhance your online activities without any fear of being caught. In a place where Facebook is being blocked for a few users, proxy service providers do a great job of making it accessible without any errors.


Facebook is a great platform when it comes to selling to prospects who depend on the online world to meet their needs. Apart from using a proxy service provider to conduct efficient Facebook activities, you can also apply the below measures to grow well:

  • Creating a Facebook business page
  • Using Facebook ads to promote your activities
  • Using high-quality images and videos
  • Engaging more with prospects

When you now realize that a proxy service can help you to unblock Facebook without any risks ensure that when choosing it, you are going for the right one, to help you out, ensure that you are following the below guidelines:

  • Invest in a paid proxy service
  • Invest in a proxy that offers a good number of IP address

So, what did you think of the article? Was it able to guide you on how you can unblock Facebook? We would like to hear your opinions.

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